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Copy of Kyra's Pavlova

With it being Easter weekend i thought i would share mum's pavlova with you. Over the years mum has made hundreds if not more! People always ask her how she makes them, they ALWAYS turn out perfect. I have never tried (she doesn't let me) so i thought i would share something not relating to Covid - 19 or Huntington's Disease this weekend. I hope you are all out in your back gardens enjoying the amazing weather we are getting! If you're looking for a treat this weekend i recommend trying your hand at pavlova. If you do please share a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag #imnotdrunk i would love to see them!

This was one of dads favorite deserts, we always have it on special occasions! It is 100% MY FAVORITE!!

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments and i will ask mum for the answers :D

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