What is #Imnotdrunk Lifestyle Blog?

They say there’s a reason for everything.
So there must be a reason my life is affected by Huntington’s Disease.
And that is the reason for this blog.
My name is Ashley. And I have a story to tell…
At 14/15 years old I found out that my father had Huntington’s Disease. It was very hard to come to terms with and at that point my father and I weren’t exactly on great terms, due to what the condition was doing to his mind.
My brother and I were my father's carers for around 10 years and we did everything for him with help from social workers and care assistants, not to mention friends and family. Dad has now moved into a nursing home due to his caring needs progressing.
Huntington’s was difficult to come to terms with, but eventually and many years later I have made peace with this affliction. The problems I face now are dad continuing to get worse and new problems arising, problems i don’t know how to deal with and the fear that it will start all over again with my brother, myself or both of us.
Huntington’s is something you can learn to live with as a carer, I know I am at risk as my brother also is. I have gotten used to caring for daddy and recognizing his needs.
Something I will never get used to is the staring, the gossiping and people being downright ignorant towards my father.
Huntington’s is a silent disease, one that is not always apparent to Jane and John Doe who pass us by on the street. It is one of many diseases that are perhaps not always immediately apparent.
The #ImNotDrunk Lifestyle blog and social media accounts are to educate society on such illnesses and to try to stamp out judgments and uneducated opinions.