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What and How Much To Eat

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

#ImNotDrunk Lifestyle blog was started as a way to share my experiences in the hopes of helping the Huntington's community, so when i received this message into my Instagram DM's i was delighted!

I regularly receive messages of people sharing their HD story, experiences and difficult times i don't share these with my readers, or on stories as this is private but i was delighted when a member of the HD community reached out asking me to help her with caring for her loved one.

I got straight on to and shared in my stories a little bit of information asking for suggestions on high-calorie diets and boy the HD community did not disappoint! Check out the amazing responses i received and was able to share with this person in the hopes of helping her and many other in a similar situation.

Here is an example of what this person eats in a day -

Breakfast: oatmeal made with whole milk and yoghurt

Am snack: yoghurt with peanut butter and protein powder

Lunch: cheesy mash potatoes with chicken n rice

Pm snack: 2 avocados with cheese

Pm snack: small serving of cheesy mash potatoes

Dinner: bolognese with cheesy mash

I also give her a protein drink and a smoothie drink during the day

I truly enjoyed being able to help this person, and want to do posts like this more often, so please send me a DM on Instagram @imnotdrunklifestyleblog with any questions or problems you may be facing through your HD journey, it can be as big or small and as silly as you think it may be, there is no such thing! Let's come together as a community and share the wisdom we have come to learn through our journeys with each other.

Thank you to everyone who just sent ideas through to help this person and advise her on how to add more calories to her loved ones diet. It means the world to me and if i could show you her messages, it meant the world to her.

So..... head over to Instagram and send me a message with anything you might be needing an answer to or advice on.


*Please remember that i am not a medical professional, all of these suggestions have been sent to me by people caring for our HD loved one or dealing with the same issue as they have HD. This may not work for everyone and as always please consult your Doctor*

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