UK Blog Award 2019

#imnotdrunk has been nominated for a UK Blog award!! I am honored by this and cant believe that someone who copied off her best friend in English is up for a blog award!

You can follow the link provided to vote for #imnotdrunk for this award and i will be forever grateful if you do.

Its very simple, click the link provided, go to the lifestyle section and vote for #imnotdrunk !!

Thank you to everyone who votes i really appreciate it as it will get Huntington’s Disease out there, and get people talking about what it is.

#imnotdrunk is all about raising awareness for Huntington’s Disease, and what better way than winning a UK Blog award!! 40% of the vote if public vote, so please click the link and give me some love!

Please use the link below to vote !!

#imnotdrunk #UKBA19

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