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Tinder – What was i thinking!?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Well it is easy to say I will most defiantly be deleting my Tinder profile!! That is the biggest pile of Sh1t!!

Swiping left, right, and centre and holy mary all these guys are interested in is nude pictures and asking inappropriate questions!! Definitely not my cup of tea people!

I have defiantly had a laugh but after a months or so on Tinder I think it is time I hang up my Tinder dancing shoes!!

Let me explain what happened people!!

So I matched with a few guys and began messaging them, but once they heard about Huntington’s Disease they soon stopped messaging, which is fair enough! I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to take that on; I’m a basket case at the best of times. I totally understand that it’s a big ask when someone comes along with a sick father and the risk of inheriting the disease. Is it sad, yes of course I don’t want to end up like the mad cat lady!! But hopefully one day Prince Charming will come along and decide he is up for the challenge.

There was one guy, who seemed nice, and really interested but I totally forgot to reply to him one day, and then I was too embarrassed as aoo much time had went by!! What was I going to say to him “Sorry mate I forgot about ya for a few weeks”

I did match with a guy, and again he was lovely and charming and asked me on a date. We arranged to meet for dinner (I think), I was absolutely bricking it! For those of you who do not speak terrible Northern Irish slang bricking it means I was very nervous.

Well it turns out he wasn’t nervous or even thinking about me, because he forgot!! Yup my first date in 4 years and I managed to get myself stood up!! There’s me sitting in the car waiting to go into the bar, all dressed up, even in a new skirt and I received the message “O fuck, I forgot” aye right, cheers mate!! Isn’t it a good job I had my best friend on standby, in case he was a murderer, tried to kidnap me or the more realistic one which did actually happen, I got stood up.

The night wasn’t ruined, I ended up going for a lovely dinner with my friend, of course I sent him a picture and made sure he knew I wasn’t sitting at home crying into my pillow! God love him, we did end up going for a drink, and he apologised and turned out to be lovely! (Nervous to) I don’t think I helped, I was in a slight bitch, I don’t give a f**k mode while still being pleasant and delightful, I mean I didn’t want him to think it was okay to stand me up, nor was it sitting very well that he did stand me up! I was feeling a little bruised :D:D As much as making half a dozen dates and cancelling them (we were as bad as each other) sadly I think that little drama has fizzled out!! So there we have it, back to the drawing board. Maybe it was doomed from that start, he couldn’t even remember the first date let alone a second, poor chap. Honestly I laughed so much about this, even the night it happen my friend and I giggled the entire was through our meal. I think the people sitting next to us thought we were mad!

So here I am Miss Single Pringle! And you know what guys, I’m pretty happy with that; I’ve been spending loads of time with family and friends. Away most weekend’s and booking even more trips! Maybe I don’t have time for a man!! (Laughing and crying at the same time)

Everyone tells me to stop looking, (not that I really have been) and when I stop looking the perfect guy will find me. Okay that’s great but just in case I don’t happen to bump into Mr Right, If anyone has a good looking friend please send them my way!!

I really shouldn’t joke so much about these things, but if you didn’t laugh you would cry. I wasn’t exactly mad on Tinder I went on every now and again out or boredom. I only arranged to meet that one guy!! I didn’t like how you matched with someone and then I obviously didn’t have the nerve to message them first and they clearly didn’t feel like messaging me. Or the people who did message you were asking rude questions! UNMATCH PLEASE!

Well there you have it, I promised I would keep you updated, Tinder was a bust, let’s just forget all about that little experience. I think I’ll stick to the old fashioned way, a friend of a friend or bumping into someone when you’re out and about.

Only problem being single, I have to make sure my hair isn’t looking like I got dragged through a bush backwards, and I have some sort of make up on!!

On a serious note though to my wonderful HD warriors, or those in a similar situation to myself, yes I’m 26 living in my mum’s house AGAIN and starting my life over back home. But I’m also happy, very very happy, do I miss my X? Of course I do, but that’s okay, we had loads of amazing times and memories together. I shared everything with him, and at the minute I have some pretty big things happening, I’d love to ring and tell him about them he was the first person I would have called in the past, my mum being the second. Men and Women of the world, we don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to make us happy, trust me we are all capable of doing that on our own. It’s okay to head off for the day shopping, or to the cinema, even on a holiday! Yes we can all get lonely sometimes, but that’s what friends, family and social clubs are for. I have moved home to where I grew up and got back in touch with or just live closer to some of my childhood friends. I love that I have them back in my life!

I know we aren’t all as lucky to have friends and family who support us, I am, I have a small circle of friends and family who support everything I do, and they encourage me and push me to be the best I can be!

Stay strong and we can get through anything together! Single or in a relationship, it’s okay! You’re never really alone!!

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