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Time fly’s when your having fun! Second semester !!

I can’t believe I am typing this but its Second Semester! It’s so hard to believe that I will be graduating in a few months!

Dragons den group

(Final year Dragons presentation)

I am currently studying a Bsc Hons in Leisure and Events Management at Ulster University (Coleraine Campus).


(Final year)

It’s a four year course with a placement year in third year. I carried out my placement with Castle Leslie Estate and then Huntington’s disease association Northern Ireland. I really enjoyed my placement year although it would have been fun to work in America or a city. I’m not exactly a city lover (Country girl at heart) but it was my chance to live in a city for a year and know I’d be returning home.


(UUCRFC girls team 2014) (Winning of course)

I know this semester will be A LOT of hard work, but I can’t wait, I’m excited about the topics I’m going to study and the fact that I’ll be working towards a dream. Why can’t I start my own business? Many other people do, younger than me or the same age as me. Why not me?


(1st year formal)

University hasn’t been easy, leaving dad and leaving Ryan all the responsibility of caring for him wasn’t exactly fair. My family wanted me to have an education; they supported me through going to university and the subject I chose to study. My granny has been so supportive of me going to University and this may sound rather big headed but extremely proud of me, she tells me regularly.


(1st years night out)

As I said it has been difficult, I had to leave classes to take calls or rush home because dad wanted or needed something. I think the hardest time at University was during my placement year; I broke down and couldn’t cope anymore. It all got to much, working full time and looking after daddy. The accusations made when I was trying my best made me feel totally useless. It makes me question if ill ever be able to cope again. I used to be able to go to study my A levels and get my work done on time, work two jobs and look after dad. Why can’t I do all that now? Well let’s not turn this blog into a total pitty party about me and my hard life!


(Halloween in the Students Union 1st year)

I’ve truly enjoyed my time at university, I joined the rugby team and got injured almost every time I played but I loved it, and the team I played with. I joined the Irish dancing society and really enjoyed learning some traditional Irish dancing! I went on nights out with friends and made lots of new friends. We went to the night clubs, house parties and students union. I actually got to be a student, I got to enjoy my time and relax, watch shows on TV, the complete Sex and the City box set and I didn’t have to rush around! It was fun partying and being lazy etc. Obviously I done all my coursework and studied for exams!


(Kelly’s nightclub)

University has been extremely fun and I have made so many memories and friends I hope I never forget them, but it has been difficult and challenging. I regret nothing and have enjoyed so many different aspects of it, Wish me luck in my final exams! Hopefully I make it through them!!


(80’s night out to raise money for the Irish Dancing Society)

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