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I remember one Christmas when I was small we opened all our presents, a lot later as id say we were up at 6am mum was making dinner in the kitchen. I was sitting up on the counter, there is a window looking out on our back yard, mum told me to look outside and in the corner of our garden beside the green house there was the most beautiful play house with a stone path leading up to it. It had carpet on the floor, curtains with pink ribbon tie backs and little pictures on the walls, the door opened from the inside with a teddy bear door knob and it had our house number on the front. I still think it is one of the most beautiful play houses I have seen. Of course, I demanded daddy brought me to the storage unit we had to get all my toys for the playhouse, I was extremely lucky and had everything I needed, a kitchen with all the trimmings!! I probably had more than what I needed. I played in this play house all the time! In the summer I used to set up the picnic table on the lawn and daddy would come out of the garage and have lunch. I had a beautiful plastic china tea set which I used to have tea parties with. Daddy would come into my play house and pretend to drink muddy water from the teacups. He would have played with me all the time in the playhouse, pretending to eat fake food and drink muddy tea.


Although we lose a part of loved ones due to the symptoms of Huntington’s disease we must always remember the good times, the memories we have is what will keep us going. I make as many memories with daddy as I can, although they are different and getting more difficult as dads body and mind deteriorate I will continue to laugh and joke with him. Take him places and capture all these wonderful times with a photo. I have many more, and will share a new one each Thursday with #throwbackthursday.

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