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Throw Back Thursday – Water Sports

When you lose someone memories are all you have, I may still have my father with me but he isn’t able to do the things other fathers can. Remember the times before dad got sick makes me smile, and help me to remember the dad he would still be if it wasn’t for this horrendous disease. As some of you may know I absolutely love water skiing and wakeboarding, this is something that my dad was really good at. Dad skied for years, until he was in the Kegworth plane crash; he competed in Skiathalons which consisted of skiing and running in teams. They were like a triathlon only involving water skiing.

dad triangle

dad and ryan
ryan skiing

I wish daddy didn’t have this horrible disease and could still come out on the boat with us, but for several years it has been Ryan and I. we tried to bring dad years ago but it was so risky! Someone had to be with him at all times encase he fell in! When I came home from America and had learnt how to slalom, Ryan brought dad out on the boat and he got to see me skiing, no one else could slalom in our friends group and I was using dads slalom ski!!


speed boat
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