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Throw Back Thursday – Mini Moto

For anyone that knows me and my brother, they will know whatever Ryan gets… you guessed it, I get it too.

So Ryan worked in a local horse yard, or robbed a bank, that kid always had money!! I on the other hand remain and always was broke. Robbing Ryans’ money. Ha!

Ryan got himself a mini moto, for anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s a miniature motorbike. You can all guess what happened… Ashley wanted one also and being daddy’s little girl, Ashley got what she wanted!

My cousin Hunter and I at Granny’s farm

As my parents were separated we spent Christmas eve at dad’s house opening gifts from his family (Aunt and Uncle) and then we went home to mums. As soon as we woke on Christmas morning, whether it was 6 am or 4 am mum would call dad and he would be straight over.

It was amazing, dad would spend all dad at our house with Ryan, Mum, uncle Raymond, and I. It was a lot of fun!

This Christmas dad brought over a little red mini moto, I was so excited, I had my own helmet, and now my own little motorbike.

Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a disaster, the freakin mini moto wouldn’t start!!

Drama averted, a few days later dad got me another! Yes, I am that spoilt.

Looking good…

Ryan and I had many years spinning about on our mini motos, they went from mum’s house to dad’s house and even up to my granny’s.

This wasn’t the first Christmas dad got me exactly what I wanted, we may not have had a lot of money growing up, but when it came to Christmas my parents were amazing. I can remember asking them for things throughout the year and we were told as kids, wait for Christmas.

Keeping in mind, my dad definitely got a great deal on this mini moto.

It’s memories like this i will always remember, Christmas morning, wakening up to see what Santa or my parents got me.

I know i sound and call myself spoilt, but my parents worked incredibly hard and gave my brother and i what they could.

They brought us up to appreciate the price of something and understand that luxuries come from hard work.

I do not for one minute take for granted anything my parents have ever done or bought me. I an eternally grateful.

People frequently tell me i am an amazing daughter for taking on the caring responsibilities at such a young age.

How could i not when i had one of the best daddy’s, yes there were many difficult times due to what HD was doing to dads brain, but those few blissful years where we were a normal family (separated yes but normal) we were so happy and unaware of what was to come.

【Merry Christmas】

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