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Throw back Thursday – Mini Moto

Most little girls would get a Barbie or that for Christmas, I was lucky because my parents were split up I got two Santa presents!! Mum got you the kind of stuff you needed, or girlie stuff like new boots, a TV for my room or phone. Particle stuff for a new outfit for wearing to special occasions, makeup and stuff you would use day to day. Daddy bought me presents like a new bike and one year I got a mini Moto!! For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a very small motor bike style thing. It runs off fuel and has an engine; it’s not a battery operated kid’s toy! It was so cool!! My brother got one a few months previous, so of course I wanted one! And dad came through like he always did!! I remember the Christmas dad brought it over, Ryan and I woke and mum called daddy straight away, he landed over and wheeled it up to mum’s house! Of course he was smart and got me a helmet and a can of petrol!! Ryan and I had so much fun that Christmas!! The mini motto if I remember correctly wasn’t working properly and he had to take it away to get another one!! It was the thought that counted and I had so many years of fun on this thing! We lived in this really small village, where mostly old people lived! Ryan and I spent days on our mini motto’s and I would love another just to bring back those memories!!

mini moto

Dad let us get up to all the stupid stuff mum was probably giving off about! Saying it was to dangerous! Nothing bad ever happened us, we never got injured and we were never in danger. We spent our time outside playing, driving old cars, on the lake, and getting up to badness! Dad was a lorry driver and we spent weekends in the lorry, Sundays on the boat and Saturdays in the garage helping him with something! I love my memories of my adventures with dad! Merry Christmas #imnotdrunk

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