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The One Who Falls

Updated: Feb 26

“The one who falls, and gets back up, is stronger than the one who never fell”

I shared this with you all on Monday for motivation Monday. I have fallen many times over the past 12 years during my HD journey. Each time I have fallen I have had my mum and brother to pick me up and in recent years I have had Stephen. I am incredibly blessed to have amazing friends and family to stand by me when times get tough. I not only have my family but i also have Stephens family! I have realised what true friendship is and I have learnt to cut ties with those who are not a true friend.

Things with dad are amazing at the moment, I mean he still has HD and its heartbreaking everytime I go see him. I feel like it takes him longer and longer to realise who I am! When I say things are amazing I mean I actually get to go sit with him, he has incredible care assistants looking after him and is in the most remarkable nursing home.

I can remember several times I have needed the strength of someone else to hold me up while I hold dad up!

When I was at my lowest, I can remember thinking there was no way back to the light! Then one day it was like someone turned the torch on, there was a glimmer of hope.

Mental health is extremely important, but I also think that we need to believe in ourselves, believe we have to strength to continue, not to give up.

I have taken abuse verbally from dad and sometimes dodged the odd temper, this was not my dad it was Huntington’s disease. I get hugs and kisses when I go see him now!

Ive been to counselling, done mindfulness, tried the colouring books, I’ve tried it all really and some of it works, some of it doesn’t. Everyone is different and everyone’s mind is different, honestly what works best for me if blowing off steam, having a massive rant to my mum and swearing a lot! I think my brothers coping mechanism is grabbing the water skis and heading out on the boat for the weekend! With a new job I’m hoping I can get out wakeboarding more! Taking the boat out is a small piece of dad we have left!

Remember if you fall, get up, dust yourself off and stay positive! There are advances every day in HD research, and a massive community out there supporting one another through this!

I’ve said this before in a previous post, but I love it so much I had to share it again!

The Devil whispered “you can’t withstand the storm.” I relied “I am the storm.”

I tell myself this every day!!

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