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Spring Walks and Work Events

Hey everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring weather!! If you follow my Instagram page you will see I enjoyed an amazing walk with Benny (my dog), we went for a walk around the village and then a run about the park. I love spending evenings out with Benny when the weather is nice!!

Belturbet, Co Cavan

So let’s get to the point of this blog, I had the opportunity through work to spend the evening at Square Bistro in Lisburn (Northern Ireland for all my followers across the pond) and it was an amazing night.

The event was held by Stevie and Christina, the owners of Square Bistro to raise money for HDANI and I was asked along as a HDANI staff member. I made a small talk about what HDANI is and how it affects those in Northern Ireland and what services HDANI provide. I also like to add in a small bit about how I am personally affected, I’m not just a staff member of HDANI I’m also a member of HDANI who used their services in the past and needed them!!

So I headed up to Lisburn a little early as I had a pop up stand I wanted to get set up, I also think it’s good manners to be early and introduce yourself and in case there is still anything needing doing.

When I parked my car I could see the restaurant from of the car park and it was lit up pink and green for HDANI, this made me smile straight away and excited for the night.

Square Bistro

The crowd started to arrive, and I made my speech about HDANI and HD, a lot of the people attending the event new very little about HD, so without making it a training session, I wanted to let them know what it was like living with HD and what HD is without ruining the atmosphere of the evening.

Square Bistro

Ciaran from United Wines was there to talk us through the wine selection and explain the chosen wines to us, I was driving so sadly couldn’t enjoy this part of the evening, but the food!! OMG the food was amazing and I can’t believe I have never eaten in this place before, I couldn’t recommend it more! It will defiantly be on my list to visit again! The menu was amazing, all food I haven’t eaten before including Monk Fish and Ox Cheek (I think).

Cheese starter

The support this event got was beautiful and heart warming! The raffle prizes were amazing and people were so generous, this event was help because of a friendly connection the owners have with a member of HDANI but without sharing personal information ill leave it at that.

Monk Fish

Everyone was so generous and I haven’t laughed as much!! Such a fun way to spend a Monday in work!!


I love attending these events, I spent the evening telling people about HD and sharing my story with them, I think if I could get paid to speak about HD forever it would be my perfect job! I LOVE sharing my story about HD and telling people about the disease, I just want to share a positive message to the world, I my not have had an easy life but it has never stopped me.

I have my dream job and life at the minute, I’m not sure what the future holds but with amazing people like Stevie and Christina raising money for HDANI I know it’ll be a positive one with support available to me when I need it.

This was the menu, it was amazing, each page told us what the dish was and what wine was going along with it

So this post is super short, I just wanted to check it with you all, I’m off tomorrow and heading shopping with my mum, nothing exciting , its house stuff shopping!

I have been getting lots of amazing comments and messages about my challenge, you can its out here at #Imnotdrunk highest peak challenge.

So i will finish this here by thanking Stevie and Christina, and also all their staff, as they worked for free at this event and donated their wages for that night to HDANI! (Such beautiful people).

Love you all and chat soon, remember to check out my Facebook @imnotdrunkblog and my Instagram @imnotdrunkliftstyle.

Just a little pic of me (haaaa)

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