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Spa Weekend with Family

Updated: Feb 26

Where does time go, I can’t believe it is December, let alone December 5th. So it has been a hot minute from I wrote a blog! I wanted to come on and let you all know I am still here and still working on #imnotdrunk. I have plenty of ideas, and have been working on 12 days of Blogmas! I wanted to do 24 days, but let’s be realistic, maybe next year! So I have some ideas of what each blog will entail, but as always if there is anything you want to know just get in touch! **Remember these blogs are all my ideas and thoughts, I am not a professionals, this is just my way of telling my HD story and trying to help others.**

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That has to be the longest introduction to a blog! Aren’t you glad I don’t do vlogs!

Last weekend, so December 2nd and 3rd Stephen and I invited my mum, her fiancé, and Stephens parents out for dinner. We considered cooking and remembered we live in an extremely small house and cooking means dishes! The Derragarra Inn also known as Murph’s Bistro in Butlersbridge Cavan, was a better idea and one of my favourite places! I will link the website at the bottom so you can see their menu and some images etc., as it is the most beautiful restaurant in Cavan, I love their food! Stephen and I have been before for Sunday lunch and it is truly handsome! They have a brie starter, that wasn’t actually on the menu Saturday night, but I love it so much I asked could the chef make it anyway. Yes I am one of those customers; I make my own menu! We booked our table for 8.30pm as we were all working and mum and Stevie live an hour away. So it gave us plenty of time, although I was starving! I honestly can’t explain how lovely the atmosphere is at Murph’s Bistro, everything about it is magical and perfect for a date night! It was perfect timing though, as we had our meal and headed back to our local, The Castle Bar Belturbet. This bar is lovely and perfect for a night out, they had an awesome band called ‘The Dirt Birds’ and let’s just say it has been a long time since I heard a band as good! So Saturday night was a blast and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, it was a family night out joining two families and we all had a blast and ate far too much food! Sometimes it’s nice to let your hair down, as I’m at University Monday to Thursday and then work most Fridays and Saturdays. I don’t think I’ve had a decent night out since the beginning of University in September! It was about time! For Sunday’s antics, I had booked the boys, (Stephen, Podrick and Stevie) into the Slieve Russell Country Club for a round of golf, and Stephens mum suggested that we girls have a spa day. Well that was the best idea! I frantically rang the spa on my lunch break and managed to grab the last three appointments for Sunday, 4.00pm, 4.15pm, and 4.30pm. We had all decided what we wanted, and because our appointments were to a certain value we had complimentary use of the Hydrotherapy suit. When mum and I arrived there was a Christmas craft fair in the hotel so we walked around it until Moria joined us, then we headed to the bar for a cup of tea, obviously me being an awkward duckling I had some coke. We ended up sitting in the bar and chatting for a good while, and then headed down to the spa. And the relaxation began!!

The staff was extremely welcoming and friendly, we were sent to have a seat, and then asked to fill out forms. General information and what you would like to get from your experience at the spa. Of course I ticked every box. I want to feel energised. I want to feel relaxed. I want to be stress free!! Who wouldn’t! Then we got a tour and were left in the Hydrotherapy suit, it was so relaxing and enjoyable, even if you don’t want a treatment you can use the hydrotherapy suit for around 20 euro. But honestly it was about 4 different hot rooms, they all done something different but all I can say is they were all tile or wood and not the most comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. I stuck to the Jacuzzi or these tiled sofa beds which were heated! Heaven! We were each called for our treatments and they were heaven. Mum and I got a full body massage and Moria got an intensive pedicure, after our treatments we were sent to the quiet room where there was tea and biscuits, and big comfy sofa beds with fluffy blankets. It was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had in a long time! And I would highly recommend everything we done! Ill link everywhere we went below so you can check it out if you’re ever in the area. Remember to take some time to yourself. It’s important to look after yourself, which is something I have learned! This weekend was rather expensive, but it’’ something I will be saving for again, or watching for offers! I got to spend time with my mum and Stephens mum and it was lovely to sit and relax and chat. I didn’t have my phone on me all day and there was no drama. I forgot about HD, I forgot about university work and I forgot about everything that runs through my head every minute of the day. I got a chance to relax!

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Thanks for reading!! 

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