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Hi everyone!! I thought it would be extremely helpful to put together a blog with a list of Huntington’s disease websites and associations from around the world, I hope they help someone. HDYO HDYO is an amazing website and organization in general! Matt started HDYO in 2009 and I can’t believe how amazing it is!! The entire team involved should be extremely proud! Huntington’s Disease association Ireland The European Huntington Association Huntington’s Disease Association Huntington’s Disease Society of America

For everyone reading this affected by Huntington’s, I can’t urge you enough to contact your local group or search to see if there is one. I know that America has different groups in each state, Scotland have their own and many other places around the world provide the help and support you may need. I have been in contact with my local association from dad was diagnosed, and sometimes I don’t think I would have gotten through hard times without them. For those of you who are just reading to see what #imnotdrunk is all about, check out some of these sites, learn more and HD or even get involved in some fundraising. #imnotdrunk

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