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“See what I have become”

Someone very wise sent me a link to a YouTube video, the video contained images and clips of Conor McGregor kicking the shite out of people! For anyone who has lived under a rock and doesn’t follow MMA or any sort of boxing he is pretty famous and comes from the little island we like to call Ireland. This video was called “See what I’ve become” It is currently 1.50am on Thursday night or Friday morning, whichever way you want to look at it. I am due at the annual HDANI conference in around 7 hours or so, bright eyes and bushy tailed as usual! Last year I spoke with my besties aka gal pals aka buddies who attended the HDYO summer camp with me, we talked about our time at camp, what we took from it and how important it is to have a youth programme. It was enjoyable and I had my friends standing up there with me, I believe we killed it if I do say so myself.

This year I’m standing up there alone, talking about what it is like being a young carer (although I don’t feel the young anymore, maybe I should change it to “used to be young carer”) I have my bag all packed with my note cards and anything else I feel I may need tomorrow! Even my little note cards have more numbers and colours etc on them to stop my jumbling them up! I absolutely love public speaking and love attending these events; I have been going to the annual HDANI conference since I was 16. This is my 8th year!! I can’t believe I’m talking at it! How times have changed, I remember the first one I went to I spent an hour in my room at the hotel crying because it was all so over whelming and I knew about three people there! Now it would be great to have the time to spend an hour crying and I love it! I love the buzz and how busy it is getting all set up, I love seeing people I only get to see once a year and clearly I love to use the word love in this post!

Well thanks to the confidence boost I received at almost 2am in the morning I am ready for people to “See what I have become” I’m not that little girls crying in her bedroom because its overwhelming I am the one standing on my mountain shouting for people to sit up and listen!

Check out all the usual social media platforms tomorrow for as many updates as possible!! P.s Thanks Louis Armstrong!

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