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New Merch !!

I am so excited to share with you all the new merchandise for #imnotdrunk !! Thank you to Ross Johnston and Carroll Print for making this happen!!

oss Johnston Photography- check out his page, there are beautiful prints and calendars! his photo’s of Ireland show the islands true beauty!! Ross is amazing at what he does!! 

I literally told them what I wanted or tried to explain what I wanted and they made it happen better than I could ever imagine!!

arroll Print are a print company based here in Ireland – Lisa is amazing and super fast and relying to emails, I explained what I wanted and she was able to make it happen. Thank you Lisa! I look forward to working with you in the future!

Two years ago I don’t think I could have imagined the support I have gotten from the Huntington’s community, family, friends and everyone else out there! The messages I have received have truly touched my heart! Without all you amazing people supporting me, I couldn’t make all this happen. Raising awareness for Huntington’s disease is something I am very passionate about and can do this through #imnotdrunk.

I hope you like the logo and design 😀

Thank you to everyone who has already placed an order I am overwhelmed with all the orders coming through!

All the clothing is unisex; I have had some requests on clothing but as I’m a one woman show I want to start small and simple. Sorry if these items don’t suit everyone, hopefully I will have more of a variety soon.

If you would like to order here are the details,

  1. Orders will be placed once a month; you can contact the #imnotdrunk Facebook page to place your order.

Message the #imnotdrunk Facebook page with the following information:

  1. Postal Address

  2. Item

  3. Size

(I take no profit from these; there will be a donation to a HD charity from each purchase made.)

  1. Payment for clothing can be made through PayPal.

  2. I can post clothing, if you would like postage I can enquire what postage costs will be. as this will be an additional cost 

  3. All clothing is in Euro, so if you are in another country please figure out the currency exchange, or we can do it together.

I am hoping as #imnotdrunk grows this process will become easier, but until that day please be patient with me.

I hope you all love the new merchandise as much as I do; orders are flowing in fast so please get in touch if you wouldl ike to order.

*First order will be placed 12.00hrs (GMT) Sunday 16th December *

Merry Christmas


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