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My goals for this month (June 2018)

So it’s extremely exciting being me right now, or at least I feel like it is. I have finally finished University!! I will (hopefully) be graduating with a BSc Hons degree in Leisure and Events Management. I have applied for around ten jobs and heard nothing from any of them! But sure there are 34 other students out of my class I’m sure are in a similar position.

It was stressful finishing University; there were a lot of long days, late nights and studying. I also made some amazing friends along the way, friends I hope to stay in touch with and stay friends with.

I’d like to think I will hear back from one of the jobs, or find more to apply to and hear from one of them, let’s keep hoping!! I’m excited to spend the summer at home this year, and not be leaving to go back to University in September. I plan on spending most Sundays out on my speedboat wakeboarding, hopefully improving my skills and teaching friends.

Id would like to find a full time job by the end of the summer, it would be nice to have money for once, and spend time with my family. At the minute were clearing dads house, he’s perminately in a nursing home now, but I’ll talk about that another time. I hope you all enjoy your summer!! Let me know your plans; are you travelling or spending time at home? Or is this your last summer before University.


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