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My Dream Job

Hey everyone, welcome back and if it’s your first time visiting welcome!

I have some extremely exciting news for you all! A dream has come true and all my hard work at University has paid off!!

I have been extremely lucky to have gotten a job working for the Huntington’s disease Association Northern Ireland!!

I will be working with HDANI for 1 year as their Fundraising and events officer with the support of The Rank Foundation!

When I was growing up I wanted to be a lawyer or a primary school teacher, sadly dad wasn’t to supportive, he put me down, but i put that down to the HD. He told me I didn’t go to the correct high school I should have gone to the grammar school. I didn’t try hard enough. To be fair HD symptoms or not I wasn’t exactly the brightest child!! Ask my mum how slow I am when she’s explaining something to me. So maybe he was being realistic!

So I never kept it a secret, I failed high school, I ended up with two GCSE’s. English and Music, not exactly two subjects that will set you up in the world, we found out dad was sick when I was sitting my exams. After I came to terms with dads diagnosis, I went back to school and got my exams sorted, I then went onto do my A levels. For my readers which aren’t in the United Kingdom GCSE’S are the exams you sit when finishing high school and A levels are the exams you need to get into University. So I got my exams for high school and got my exams to get me into University, my mums friend helped me with my university application. I applied to four medical based subjects, and one wild card, Leisure and events management. At this time I was organising fundraisers for HDANI and I loved it, I thought this might be a lot of fun as a career. I done it as a way to cope with dads diagnosis. After what felt like a lifetime wait, I got an unconditional offer for my Leisure and events management degree, I decided to do something I love.

“You will get there, but only if you keep going.” –Unknown

After four long years at university, and meeting some amazing friends I graduated with a Hons degree in leisure and events management. It was the fundraising I loved to do for HDANI that inspired me to apply for this degree.

Kerri and I at graduation.

I have my dream job with the association which has supported me through the past 12 years! I hope I can give back and support those who need it! I hope I don’t let anyone down.

Follow your dreams, and take the chance, I couldn’t be happier with my dream job!

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” –Oprah Winfrey

No matter how many exams I failed how many mental break downs and how many times dad needed me, I never gave up, no matter how many classes I missed and how many extra jobs I had to work, I made it happen. I explained my situation to my teachers, they understood I cared for dad; they made allowances for me when they could and i got through all the exams and coursework.

I got my dream job, which means you can too! Never give up on your dreams, HD or not I have my degree and I am so happy about that! Because of my degree, I hope I can help others.

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