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My Brother

My brother is one of the most important people to me; he stepped up when dad got sick and looked after me. I can remember on nights out when guys would be annoying me, he would step in and have the famous words “That’s my sister” and scare them away. He taught me how to drive, and ride a Honda 90, he taught me how to water ski and without him I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to teach water sports at my favourite summer place!! He begged and begged me to teach him to jive, but when he was sober he didn’t want to learn, but yet when he was drinking he was too drunk to learn! Thank God one of his friends dragged him to lessons, now he can jive better than me!! My brother and I have done a lot together, we have the same friends, so nights out and days away are spent together. I have a lot of memories with my brother, and I am glad for this! I remember when I was 16 or 17 we went to a young farmers dance and didn’t land home until 7am the next morning!! I was allowed out when I was under the age of 18, but only when my brother was there! I remember the summer before I went to University we spent so many evenings out on the speed boat! It was brilliant, I love going out on the boat with Ryan. For many years it was me and my brother on the Lough Erne boat rally, it was our weekend away. We fight and disagree but we have been together through the past ten years! Although it hasn’t always been easy and we have came to blows with mum stuck in the middle!! We have always made it through and been there for each other, he is always there when I need him, for a night out, driving a boat or hanging a picture!!

Cherish your family and the time you have with them!

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