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Motivation Monday – Look for the positive

13 That is the number of years dad has had Huntington’s Disease. 26 How old I am 14 How old i was when dad was diagnosed 17 How old I was when I took on full time caring for dad.

I could write a book about the difficult times we as a family have faced over the years, looking after dad, balancing school, work and social life. Like I have said I got my ass dumped before because Huntington’s Disease was in my life and i cared for daddy. I could defiantly be a big old negative nelly, sit with a massive chip on my shoulder, angry at the world and everyone in it.

I could…… but i don’t!

I spend a lot of time on social media, Instagram and Facebook even Tic Tok, and to be honest, I’m seeing alt of negativity. A LOT. I get we all have down days, I get it, no one understands how hard this is more than I do. I’m not trying to take away from the struggles you or anyone else in the world is going through. Its December, Christmas is a fun time of the year, there is so much going on in every town and the local area. It’s a time when the family can come together to forget anything that may have happened throughout the year and build friendships again. There are beautiful lights up throughout the towns, Christmas markets in a lot of towns and even shopping centres have a great buzz about them. Get your coat, pack up the car and head off to something i just mentioned, a lot of these things are free! Text that boy you like and take a walk around town looking at the lights, go to a Christmas market, even pop out for a drink. (please remember alcohol never solves any problems). Make beautiful memories, and look for the positive in life. Let me bring you back down to reality, no one has a perfect Christmas, someone will open the wrong present, something for dinner will be burnt or spilt, and defiantly two family members will argue. We never had the perfect Christmas, but that’s what makes Christmas perfect. We were together, happy and enjoying the time off work and relaxing. A lot of the time, i spent Christmas rushing about, i worked part-time, and any part-time workers will know you get the rough shifts. Many years i got Christmas day off, and a few lucky years i got Christmas day and the day after. Two days off, it’s not exactly a massive Christmas, but it’s two days with my family!!

So for this motivation Monday I have a challenge for you, this Monday is the first Monday in December, so for the entire month, I want you to look for the positive. When something negative happens, I want you to think of a positive, it can be something small and simple, or something big. If you have you’re loved in the car, and like dad there always fidgeting (can’t be helped). Dad would put his hand on the handbrake, and pull it up, thankfully it never caused me to have an accident, he only moved it slightly. Positive- we never crashed. Many times when I had dad out in the town, he would swing open the car door, hitting another car, thankfully it never caused a mark of the other car and if the person was in the car, they never shouted. Positive – no damage was done. I could continue with examples, but I’m sure you get the idea. When something negative happens, look for that small piece of positive to turn the situation around. It won’t be easy at the start, you’ll be so mad or upset, you’ll think “Ashley, there is no fucking positive in this situation” but I promise you there is!! I have been taking an Anxiety management training class for work and also for me. This is something that was suggested, and trust me it works and it does get easier. Another thing i took from the class, which was suggested by another person attending, was to make time. I was explaining that i have at least 5 books i want to read, one of which i was asked to write a review on! I was sitting complaining that i don’t have time to read them, and when i read in bed, i fall asleep 1 page in! So, this lady said to me, you don’t need to read for ages each day, just sit and read for ten minutes, in the morning when you first wake, during your lunch or a little before bedtime. So i have started reading for ten minutes each day, sometimes more. I’m almost finished my first book! Okay it’s taken me This December, starting today I want you all to look for the positives in a situation. If you want to, share on the Facebook or Instagram in the comments for the post where this blog is shared, or comment on here. You might help someone else find a positive moment.

If your struggling, and just not feeling the positive, festive spirit, try reading a positive affirmation toy yourself every morning when you wake and before you go to sleep. It sounds silly, but it works.

Read this to yourself every morning!

What have you got to lose, you’ll either see the positive in every day or you’ll get nothing out of it, but what harm will it do.

【Merry Christmas】

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