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Motivation Monday – Helping others

Yesterday (Sunday) i had such a fun day with my brother and friends. Ryan is a member of the local mophead club, one of the members decided to organise a vintage run around a local town. The idea was to visit different sites collecting donations for the local food bank, including toys. I joined them halfway through and it was an absolute riot of laughter, finishing up at one of the guys chippy for a sausage bap! The number of donations received was amazing and the boys looked hilarious getting into the Christmas spirit.

So my motivation Monday today is to get out and help others, a lot of us sit down on Christmas day to lovely big Christmas dinners, presents under the tree and surrounded by family. I know everyone has different Christmas traditions, everyone has a different style of dinner, amount of presents and some people have large families and some have small. So my challenge to you is think of those less fortunate and HELPING those less fortunate, I’m not asking or implying you have to go out and spend your weekly wage on toys and food for others but you could spare a tenner. It would mean the world to another person. I popped into a local shop and bought a box of food for a tenner, mum went to ASDA (supermarket) and got a toy for a little boy and little girl. In total Mum, Ryan and I spent a tenner each. We don’t have a lot, but we have a roof over our heads and a pretty decent Christmas. Growing up, i remember the struggles we would have had around Christmas, by the time you buy the presents and fill the fridge with food. December can be an expensive month! We always got what was on our Santa list and i don’t know how mum and dad did it. We all grew up believing in Santa, the jolly man in a red suit that brought us presents on Christmas Eve. When mummy and daddy can’t play Santa, those kids are left thinking they weren’t well behaved or questioning what they have done wrong.

I might not have much, but i have a dysfunctional family that loves me, i own my own car and have a roof over my head. So i wanted to give back this Christmas.

It can be incredibly simple guys, a lot of supermarkets have an area where you can drop some stuff off, anything is a help. A little can of soup, or jumbo bag of crisps. I think i donated a box of junk food, i love a cheeky chocolate bar any time of the year let alone Christmas! You never know who you might be helping, someone alone in the house, suffering from an illness or having just lost someone.

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【Merry Christmas】

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P.S I love my dysfunctional family

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