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May Catch Up

May is Huntington's Disease awareness month!

Did you learn anything new? Did you connect with some new HD friends?

I hadn't planned a whole lot but quickly came up with a last-minute plan.

Shocking im never organised!!

So i had some ideas and different post scheduled and it all went tits up! I was MIA for the last two weeks of May, I couldn't tell you what i was posting or what i missed.

So May started like the rest of the months of lockdown, working from home and staying home, to protect the NHS and save lives.

Fun times! Seriously guys though, I was social distancing and abiding by the government rules.

My birthday was on May 18th and i had an amazing day, i got some gifts from my family and one of my best friends brought me over the most amazing birthday cake (homemade of course). Not going to lie, I expect one every year miss Chloe (yum yum).

So we had a fun day around the house, and on the 19th of May, we got a horrible phone call.

My grandfather (mums daddy) collapsed while feeding the cows and CPR was being done. Mum and her partner jumped in the car and drove up the road, i locked up the house-made sure the dog was safe in his pen and followed them up the road. Sadly we didn't make it, and neither did Grandad. He passed away on May 19th 2020.

Let's just say lockdown went slightly out the window (here comes the lectures) but my family and i were hurting, we needed hugs and comfort.

My mum and i decided to stay with granny for a few days and me being the big lick i am decided to stay just over a week. We headed home that night and grabbed a bag of clothes and my birthday cake!

Grandad was 89 years old (as is granny) and went to feed the cows and took a heart attack. Poor we granny went to see what was taking so long as she made him a cup of tea and it was going cold.

We buried granda two days later, the funeral was very small with just family and sadly we weren't able to have a wake, but the family came together and told/ shared stories about Granda. Everyone ate my birthday cake and loved it!! I think i only got one slice!

Its been a couple of weeks now, and it's strange to think that i won't see him again. I won't pretend we had the most amazing relationship but we did have lovely memories over the years. Im sure everyone can agree they fall out with family members but always forgive.

So... I went MIA for about two weeks, hence why this May update post is late, but i just wanted to be with granny and family and not stuck on my phone. Plus if you're sitting on your phone too much granny shouts at you...

So what else happened in May,

I got to see dad, kinda! I went in on my birthday and waved through the window. They were able to open the window a little, and he could hear me. It was so lovely to see him! I can't wait to get into the nursing home and give him a big hug! (When it is safe of course)

Have you seen your loved one? Are you able to them? I write dad a letter each week, i tell him what i have been doing, what my brother has been doing and tell him i love him.

This is defiantly to be a different fathers day not being able to spend it with dad but of course he will still get a gift. What are you all getting your dads for fathers day?

Well, this has been a rather boring May catch up, but i hope you are all staying safe and keeping well.


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