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Look after yourself – treat yourself

Are you pouring from an empty glass?

During this holiday season it is reallyi mportant to look after yourself, remember you are just as important! If you care for someone with Huntington’s disease, you need to make sure you take care of yourself! This can be done in some really simple ways,

  1. Take a relaxing bath

  2. Read a book

  3. Watch a movie (Don’t forget the chocolate and popcorn)

  4. Catch up on the soaps

  5. Watch some YouTube channels – I’m obsessed so ask me for some recommendations!

  6. Call a friend

  7. Skype/video chat a friend

  8. Treat yourself with a gift

  9. Book a treatment at a spa i.e.a back massage

  10. Get your nails done

  11. Treat yourself to a new Christmas outfit

You can find different ways to relax, some costing money and some just a free minute in the day.

If you care for someone, see if you can get a little help this holiday season to spend some time with yourself, or friends.

It can be very difficult dealing with HD in your life, especially if you care for someone with HD, I remember trying to make time when dad lived at home.

I remember one time, I was in school studying, trying to get into university, working two jobs and living at home to look after daddy. My school was an hour away so I spent most of my time in my car, in school or in work. It was extremely difficult and  a massive strain financially, daddy needed me at home to look after him, but I needed to go to school. I couldn’t work much more, but my money was barely covering my fuel bill for the week.

As money was tight and friendships were getting distant, due to the lack of free time I had I was sitting in the house a lot.  A friend was having a birthday party, it was a party bus to a night club. These were friends I made when Ilived at school, so I had moved away from them and sadly was struggling to stay in touch. Mum found out that the party bus was organised and landed me downsome cash to my room, insisted I go and assured me I had the time etc. I could have cried, I maybe did!! It touched my heart, mum probably didn’t have the money to give me but it had been about 9 months of me working away, studying and looking after dad. I needed some me time, i was about 19 at the time. 

I had an amazing night out, and really enjoyed myself, it made me see I needed to make more time for myself. In the evenings i would have a shower and try a facemask while i worked on coursework, i would read a book, although it took me months or i would arrange to have lunch with friends instead of heading to the libary. 

Grab some girl friends or guy friends and head to the cinema, get a coffee or lunch! It’ll be totally worth it, and you will feel so much better!!

Sometimes we all need a little break and time away, that’s ok! We are all human!

Look after yourself, and you will continue to be the amazing carer you are!

Your loved one may not always show it, but they appreciate everything you do for them, and deep down sometimes deep deep deep down they understand you need some time to yourself. It’s only afew hours!

Merry Christmas


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