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Look after those who look after you

Dad had two care assistants, at different times over the 8 years he required care at home that went above and beyond their call of duty!! They looked after him as if he was a member of their family! Sadly one of these ladies has passed and it was a very sad day we gotthe news. Daddy was extremely upset as this lady was not only his carer but his friend.

She would bring him for a spin in the car, make sure he didn’t need anything from town if she was heading and spent longer with him if he needed it.

We always made sure to show the care assistants we appreciated them, if I bumped into them in the house I would thank them! I would have a chat with them and offer them a cup of tea!

At Christmas time, we would get them all a box of sweets and the two ladies I mentioned at the beginning got a little extra!

As I have said before in a previous blog post, we tried to give the care assistants time off on Christmas day. Dad received a morning call to get him up, a lunch time call, a tea time call and a bed time call. On Christmas day we asked that they came in and got him up and washed and then came back to put him to bed.  We wanted them to be able to spend as much time with their family as possible.

Remember it is important to thank those who might help you look after a loved one, I don’t know what Ryan and I would have done over the years without the care assistants. I know there are stories about care assistants abusing people etc, but im talking about the good ones. Those who love their job and love the people they care for.

I was a community care assistant when I was 16 for a year before I moved away, it isn’t an easy job and I personally got attached to the people I cared for! I don’t know how anyone would abuse a vulnerable adult or anyone for that matter!!

Remember to look after those who look after you, a simple thank you or a gift.

Merry Christmas


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