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Little Miss Piggy- (Jokes)

Has anyone else turned into little Miss Piggy during lockdown?

No... just me.... okay then.

Well, I have decided to do something about it, for the one-millionth time!!

When I moved home last July, I started going to Bubba's Project Gym for personal training. It was amazing, I was incredibly unfit and couldn't run the length of myself! They guys had great patience and worked with me, taking into account my asthma and damaged knee (those are my excuses and im sticking with them).

Then over Christmas I turned into Little Miss Piggy again, so I decided in the new year, im going to be skinny again (don't ask me the last time i was skinny)... I went to Bubba's boot camps, Bubba is famous for his boot camps and i can totally see why!! I loved the boot camps, but sadly i was still eating my body weight in junk food and didn't see too many changes! On the plus side, i was getting out of the house and meeting new people or reconnecting with people I went to school with or knew before I moved away 9 years ago!

Day 1 of Project X

So lockdown happened and I was one of those people who swore I would read more books, walk the roads and cycle to the moon... Just be an all-round better person.

Yes, this lasted maybe the first month of lockdown but three months into lockdown and im back to being Little Miss Piggy.

Bubba offers a virtual programme, I always see him posting about it, and think, yes this is the week! I will start to be skinny this week......

Finally, I bit the bullet and messaged Bubba... Well, here good luck anyone that expresses an interest in signing up to one of his programs! Goodman Bubba, he is so encouraging and inspiring! He sent me a voice message explaining the packages on offer at the minute, and what would suit me best. That was it... Welcome Skinny Ashley!! Thanks to Bubba (i hope).

P O V - Bubba knows each and every member of his gym, he knows them by name, but if he forgets your name (Yeah Bubba, remember that day you forgot mine), he knows you personally, he knows your story and how you are doing progress wise. I went to a PT session one day and my Asthma kicked in, i took some sort of an attack and couldn't do anything, i was only about 10 minutes in...(oops).

The next session I was booked in Bubba reassured me that he spoke with my PT and they came up with a new plan for me. This jumped out to me, the staff in this gym genuinely care about you and your weight loss/ fitness journey. All the staff have amazing patience, knowledge and are always up for a laugh! Going to this gym is like having lots of friends and people cheering you on!

P.s Bubba has voted #1 Male PT in Northern Ireland.... (Goodman Bubba)

So i have joined Project X -

You sign up (there is a small cost) and receive daily workouts, you are added to a private Facebook group, have daily support from Bubba and have access to LIVE workouts. There is so much on offer and i have probably undersold this on poor Bubba.

People are taking part in Bubba's workouts from across the world, its all online and done through an app, zoom and Facebook.

All you need is some decent floor space, have you ever tried doing a bear crawl in your bedroom. What the hell even is a bear crawl? What is the purpose of it? Someone, please tell me...

So there we have it, I have rummaged in the attic and found my mother's old yoga mat (don't ask me why she even has one) and you will find me each day attempting to do a workout in my bedroom! (I've lost the plot, it's official)

Im trying to eat healthy, which is impossible in my house because its full of junk food!!

(My mother landed home from the shop today - 'I got you a treat Ashley'

I can't believe im posting this, but here is half-naked pictures of me and my wobbly bits... This is what people do according to Instagram.. Post progress photos...

Wish me luck, ill keep you all updated... O and FYI Little Miss Piggy currently weights 12 st 58 or 178lb...

I highly recommend checking out Bubba's website, Facebook and Instagram.

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