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Last Minute Gift Guide

Christmas gifts can be difficult, I never know what to get people! Buying for a Huntington’s patient can be even more difficult! Their needs and abilities are different to others, most of the time you want to get a gift that is a particle gift and something they can use.

Check out my blog post for Christmas Gift Guide, here is an updated version for those that haven’t found the perfect gift yet.

Dad loves listening to music, this year we are getting him a digital radio so he can get more radio stations! We found one for around 20pounds which will be easy for him to use, I can’t wait to give this to him as he loves country music!

Another idea would be an Echo Dot, these devices make it very easy, the only downside is you need Wi-Fi, something dads nursing home doesn’t have.

For those who are still living at home, this is an idea as the Huntington’s patient doesn’t have to press buttons etc on the radio, they can tell the device what to do.

Another gift idea could be something creative, I remember doing this as a child! I still think its such a sweet idea.

It could be something your kids could give their mum or dad, or you could give a loved one and change it up slightly.

Imagine a cheque book style gift vouchers book. You can give it to the HD patient and it could be full of kind things and some of the their favourite things to do. This can be different for each person, try to think of things they loved to do and maybe dont get the chance to anymore.

Some ideas may be,

  1. A hug

  2. A day away

  3. Make their favourite dinner

  4. Visit their favourite restaurant

A personalised calendar of old photos of family and friends would be something they might love, as every day they can see their loved ones.

there are loads of websites where you can have this done, and some chemists or stores will print them up aswell. 


Vista Print

Snap Fish  – I believe they have some discounts

Photo Box


There are so many websites you can check out. 

A photo album or scrapbook would be a way to help jog their memory of old friends etc. 

There is a shop here in the UK called The Works which supplies scrapbooking stuff, cute things to make the pages and pictures look pretty, I find them really cheap for these things, you can also get books, games, arts and crafts and stationary things. To be honest I get lost in this shop for quite a while!!

after the summer I spent in America in 2012 I made a scrap book, I got a lot of the things while I was in America. I purchased the scrap book in Hobby Lobby and a lot of the extras.

Amazon have some amazing options, these packs make it easier because you can make a beautiful scrapbook without purchasing other bits. 

If you can think of anymore Christmas gift ideas which might be handy last minute, please comment here or on Facebook. 

Merry Christmas


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