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Inspirational Women and the Women’s right to vote!!

Welcome back everyone, i hope you enjoy todays post. Since it was a huge day in history yesterday i wanted to mark it with something special! The women who went down in history and some of the first women to vote because inspirations to others and paved the way for us today. I thought I would honour these women by telling you about who i fell are inspirational women!! #yearofthewomen

Yesterday (06/02/2018) marked 100 years from when certain woman gained the right to vote in Britain, and I thought it would be a nice idea to honour this through a post about the woman I find inspirational! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I loved Celebrity Big Brother this year!! And it celebrated Year of the Woman marking it in different ways!! This is something I loved about the show, people can say what they want about it, but I personally like to watch shows where I don’t have to think!! I can just sit back and laugh at tasks they have to do or silly arguments they get into. Please don’t judge me too much!! LOL Yesterday marked as I said 100 years since British woman were first guaranteed the right to vote!! Woooo!!! Incase anyone doesn’t have a calculator handy this massive change in history took place in February 1918, it was known as The Representation of the people act and eventually paved the way for universal woman’s suffrage in the country. Some of the first countries to grant women the right to vote were Ireland (Yaaaay Ireland) and Azerbaijan, the UK decided that only women over 30 who owned property or has a university education were allowed to vote! So they were a little picky in who they would allow to vote!! But at least it was progress!! I think sometimes people forget about our history and I think I for one need to purchase a history book and start reading!! Let alone the Zoella books!!

“Not one country has gender equality”

In the 21st century I think we forget what a truly inspirational woman is, it is not always the vloggers we watch on YouTube and the Instagram profiles we follow, and it is not someone using every excuse to stand on their soap box. Inspirational woman are those who are recognised for the selfless acts or the acts they do because they feel it is the right thing to do, not what will get them the attention to be heard. Preaching isn’t always the way to be heard, I feel like in a world this busy there are so many people shouting about their cause that no one can hear anyone. Some people may disagree with me and I may get some backlash from this blog post, but I’m no better. I have my cause and my voice! Huntington’s is my life, and has been for ten years, but I have stopped shouting and started listening. I have gotten off my soap box and decided to take a different approach. The definition of an inspirational person can be seen as someone who inspires others, an inspirational person is found in someone ordinary who has done something extraordinary. Inspirational woman are all around us, we work with them and encounter them daily! You are probably an inspirational person and you don’t even know it!! Some that have gone down in history are, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe, Oprah Winfrey and Amelia Earhart. An inspirational person can be someone who has written amazing books and given back to the world, someone who has changed the views of society, it can be a celebrity or a normal person who has stepped up for humanity, doing acts for the greater good. While writing this post I came across an article in The Telegraph, I found it extremely interesting!! 1918 vs 2018: 13 things women couldn’t do 100 years ago Some of these rights include, holding property on the same terms as men, serving on a jury, opening a bank account or applying for a loan, becoming an accountant or a lawyer, equal pay and to be considered a person in the eyes of the law. Some of these are shocking!! The world has came leaps and bounds I think we need the realise it has. Just think about how far we actually have come!! Some of my good friends are lawyers, I know women who earn more than men and I personally have that many bank accounts I can’t keep track!! We as women have come so far and yet there are still some things to overcome, not all countries have come as far as others; this could be due to religious reasons or other reasons. Hopefully they will catch up soon! ! Woman who I believe are truly inspirational,

Princess Diana, (I think this was partially influenced by my mom as she loves Princess Diana!!)


As many know Princess Diana married Prince Charles and had two sons, Prince William and Harry. Sadly they did not stay together and ended up getting a divorce. Princess Diana died on because of she sustained in a car crash in Paris. She is remembered as the “People’s Princess” because of her widespread popularity and global humanitarian efforts. Even after Princess Diana’s death she continues to help people, the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund provides resources for palliative care, penal reform, asylum and many other issues. Princess carried out many different acts of charity work, some of the areas she assisted in and had a major impact in were, AIDS charity work, Land mines, Centerpoint which is an organisation which helps homeless youth, the English National Ballet and the Leprosy mission. Princess Diana wanted to help others and make a difference in the world, she used her title and money to do this. She is an inspiration!

Rosa Parks,


Please tell me you know who Rosa Parks is, and if you don’t your should be ashamed!! Let me give you a reminder, she was a black lady who would not give her seat up on the bus, when it was the correct thing to do in society at the time. Rosa Parks became a figurehead for the civil rights movements in the United States. At 42 years old Rosa Parks an African American seamstress who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on the Montgomery city bus on December 1, 1955. Rosa’s fearless rejection of racial segregation made her the first lady of civil rights!! ‘I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.

This woman stood up for what she believed in, it made a difference to the world and thankfully know we live in a world where black and white people are treated equally, or they are supposed to be. I love watching movies about the African American history and reading articles online, it amazes and disgusts me that for so many years there was such a divide! Hopefully it is something the world can learn from!! I recently done an exam on terrorism, and one of the statements I wrote in it finished with, “Hopefully the world can learn from its mistakes in History”

Emma Watson,


Emma Watson as we all know was made famous through her role as Hermonie Granger in the Harry Potter films (LOVE THEM!!). After the movies ended Emma began to study at Brown University for her English Literature degree, during this degree she spent her third year at Oxford. Emma has been working hard as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, giving the keynote speech in 2014 on gender equality. This speech broke the internet and Emma was dubbed “Voice of a generation”.

Feminists honestly I think are sometimes extreme, and scary, not always and not all of them, but I find them intense. If you have taken the time to watch the famous speech from Emma, you will hear her say early on that it has became popular to man hate and man bash! She also talks about how feminists are disliked, unattractive and many other negative names or comments are passed round. This is something I would like to look into more; I will admit I do not fully understand. I believe that woman deserves equal rights, but what entirely does this mean? I believe we deserve equal pay, if we are doing equal work. I believe we deserve equal treatment. If we want the world to be equal we can’t hate men and make them the villains, we must be equal to them. As I said, Emma Watson is what I believe an inspiring person who speaks out about something she is passionate about, and although she has been given her voice and soap box through her fame gained from Harry Potter she is one of few celebrities who became famous through the movies, went to university and stayed grounded. Emma Watson is an inspiration in my eyes.

These woman I have named are known in most households, and if there not people need to read a book or newspaper once in a while. They are known names know but they weren’t years ago, Mother Theresa went 30 years of doing good deeds before people knew her name. We must see the greatness within ourselves; this is something many of us fail to do. An inspiring person does something to better humanity, they don’t need the headlines and they know they have made things better for others which are all they care about. It’s not always about fame and fortune, the hashtags and the freebies because of the followers you have.

“Inspirational people perform acts to better humanity in their own small corner of the world. They don’t need headlines or accolades. They need only to know that they stepped up to make things better.”

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I am so glad I decided to write a post about inspirational woman, marking the anniversary of 100 years from women gained the right to vote!

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