I am exhausted

The Christmas exhaustion has set in, working full time and trying to get all my Christmas shopping done, visit friends and family and attend other commitments is just taking its total. Not forgetting the usual laundry, dishes and housework!

This week alone, I have left my house at 8.30am and haven’t gotten home until 9pm or after it and then working on a blog post for #imnotdrunk I am exhausted, so I have decided I need a night off!!

I have a family member in the hospital and am hoping they are getting transferred to a hospital closer to me tomorrow, so am planning on visiting them tomorrow night and getting my Christmas wrapping done! So on Friday night, I can have a night off!! We all need some TLC and pampering and that is exactly what I am planning. I have made time for this and moved certain things around so I can have a few hours to myself, so Friday evening around 7 or 8 o’clock it will be ME time.

Friday I am off work, and working in retail at Christmas means a day off is like gold dust! I have a staff meeting for my new job, I need to clean my house (it’s a mess) and sort things for my dad, have dinner with family and then i am heading home to pamper myself.

My pamper list,

  1. Face mask

  2. Shower and body scrub

  3. Paint my toe and finger nails

  4. Blow dry and straighten my hair (yes this is a luxury)

  5. Decide what I’m wearing to the wedding Sunday

  6. Apply tan for the wedding

  7. Watch a chick flick movie! (This will be playing in the background)

On Friday I will post what products I love to use for my pampering! None of them are expensive! I feel like we need an evening like this every once in a while, sometimes life can get on top of us, and we just need to recharge. I have a million other things I could be doing Friday night, but I feel like I need to make time for myself.

Something simple such as getting showered and blow drying my hair properly and straightening it makes me feel so much better, and it means Saturday morning my hair will be done for work!

Make time this holiday season to pamper yourself, even if it’s something simple like putting on a face mask while you do the ironing!

When dad lived at home and needed a lot more of my attention I felt like I never got a minute, I was in full time education, working and trying to take care of him. I found a few hours some evening doing simple things for myself made me feel so much better the next day. We all need to look after ourselves! This simple list of pamper activities will take about an hour-hour and ½ Max!

Merry Christmas


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