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Huntington’s free day with mum

Updated: Feb 26

So today I jumped out of bed and set off for Armagh, being the most organised person in Ireland I had my bags packed from the night before. Today my job was taxi driver for my mum, she had to get a small operation up in Limavady so I suggested I take her up and stay at a B&B and then bring her home the next day. I really didn’t mind, I didn’t have much on this week anyway so I said I would stay the week and spend time with her, make her cups of tea and spend time with dad before I leave for America. Did I mention I was going to America, 17 days but who’s counting?

Sitting in this swanky hospital up in Ballykelly and there is defiantly a difference when you’re paying for your medical. The staff were in and out of the room from we got here and spent time talking to you and got to know you. If you were in a general hospital you’d barely get two words out of them because they are so over worked and underpaid!

So that’s the exciting news for today, completely UN HD related and it’s great! Spending time with mum and driving the country, I feel extremely relaxed lately, I’ve got to spend time with my family and Stephens, I got to spend the day with my beautiful niece, (well Stephens niece).

This week I plan on continuing the relaxation and spending time with mum watching the twilight movies, finishing my final piece of coursework!! Which means that is placement year done! 1 more year of university and I will be an adult with a degree! I never thought that time would come. Let’s talk about that in another blog.

I feel like this one in rambling on enough with no real reason, I guess my point in that your life doesn’t always need to be taken up with HD, at the minute I’m lucky I know dads fine, the care assistants will be in and out today doing their job!

So this blog post was supposed to be uploaded back in May/June, but let me explain, after mum had the surgery she was released, the Dr said she could go home and rest, so instead of posting the blog i packed her bag and cancelled my B&B and headed home to look after her.

i still wanted to upload it to show that i had a great day spending time with mum and looking forward to a relaxing week ahead, its not all HD! Drama and appointments it can be fun!

Thanks for reading!

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