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HDSA Convention – Day 1

Hey everyone! So today was the first day of the HDSA Annual Convention!! What a day!!


So it began with a 4am alarm because the only bus to Boston left at 5am!! Seriously!! Of course I slept on the bus because I could sleep on a bed of nails!! But thank god the bus driver called the name of the stop because I was panned out when we got to Boston and almost missed my stop!! So I got into Boston at 8am and there wasn’t really anything happening around convention until around 6pm.

I killed time around Boston for a while, got some breakfast and took a walk, I found my way to the hotel where the convention was being held after dropping my bag at the hotel i booked into. I cant believe how lucky I am!! I managed to find a hotel that is a 10 minute walk from the convention and it is amazing!! I hung out at the Marriott (convention hotel) for a while and then my mum called me. I seriously don’t know what it is about that woman, but as soon as she calls me the flood gates open!!

I don’t know what came over me, I was alone in a strange city, and felt emotional, I didn’t have a safety net!! I would have loved to have someone with me, i felt very alone and panicked!

Mum told me to pick myself up and head to my hotel and see if my room was ready, so I listened to my mother…. and off i went!

So skipping forward a few hours, I met up with two girls I had been chatting with over social media, we grabbed some dinner (or I did) and had a few drinks. It put my mind at ease and I really enjoyed myself!

At 6pm the convention or who ever wanted to took part in a HOPE walk! I have seen the HOPE walks around America and always thought they were a beautiful moving thing to be a part of!

There were so many people walking around the streets of Boston wearing HD HOPE t-shirts!! Chanting fun HD chants!! Check out the HDSA Facebook Live i think we were on there!!

When we got back to the hotel, we had a welcome reception; this was amazing and a lot of fun!! The room looked amazing with white and blue balloons, food, and around the room were games where we could win tickets. I mean everyone got tickets for taking part in the games or attempting them!! So it was a win win!! Then the tickets were placed into jars for a raffle, there was a selection of prizes on the table with a jar, what ever you wanted to win you put your tickets into that jar or spread them out.

So we hung out, played some games and chatted even more people! At about 8.30pm i decided it was time to head back to my hotel, it was still daylight and i could walk! So here i am laying on my bed typing about my day!! GETTING AN EARLY NIGHT!!

I met some amazing and beautiful people today, this is the largest convention yet! Tomorrow will be so much fun listening to the guest speakers, and meeting even more people! It’s going to be amazing learning more about Huntington’s disease; I’m always keen to learn more!

I have been trying to video as much as possible so check out Facebook for that!!

I’ll check in with you all tomorrow….



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