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HDSA Annual Convention

So at the minute I am trying to plan a trip. It will be no shock to my friends that I am heading back to America AGAIN!! I have been many times, and am extremely lucky that I have been able to travel and work in America several times.

This trip is slightly different, normally I travel across the pond to spend time with family or work, this time I want to attend the Huntington’s disease society of America annual convention!

This convention or conference as I thought it was called looks truly amazing and is the largest HD event!

 This trip is probably going to be my most expensive, as I will be travelling here from Ireland, I have priced flights which are around 500 Euro, I still need to get a hotel for four nights, and my ticket for the convention. I estimate this trip will cost me around 1000 pound, which does not include spending money, this is a lot of money but it is something I want to do. I can’t explain why this trip means so much to me, the amount of people affected by Huntington’s disease all gathered in one place, listening to research, sharing stories and making friends. 

After watching the highlights video from last year’s convention I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, it looked like the most moving, emotional event for Huntington’s disease.

Check out the highlight video from last year’s convention,

I am saving every penny I can, in the hopes that I’ll be able to attend this event! I know a lot of my readers and followers are from America and I would love to know if you’re planning on attending, please comment on here, or my Facebook page.

Merry Christmas

#imnotdrunk ;

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