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HD Books to Read

Huntingtons books to read

I love reading, and always have done! When I was a kid my mum gave me secret seven and famous five books she had as a kid, I still have these and hope one day i can pass them onto my children. 

I have read some of the Huntington’s books, and want to read more so I thought I would let you all know what is out there!!

I have a blog post about Inside the O’Briens  by Lisa Gevona which you can check out.

So just because I have read it, I have to say Inside the O’Briens is top of my list, the fact that they are making this book into a movie makes me very excited!!

I found this book slightly difficult to get into to, but I always say this about books!! I really enjoyed reading it and recommend checking it out. I purchased mine off Amazon and it was not expensive.

I had another book about HD and had started reading it, I have lost it though and never got it finished. I brought these two books with me to America and neither made it home!!

I have compiled a list of books which are in my Amazon shopping basket, and as part of my 2019 New Years resolution I plan to purchase them, read and post a review for you guys! If you happen to beat meto it, please let me know if they are a good read or if you have read anyplease leave a comment.

*I did find more books with HD in the story but wanted to keep this short*

  1. Someone Else’s Life (KatieDale)

Rosie’s mother dies from Huntington’s disease and she knows she has a fifty per cent chance of inheriting the disease. When she decides to get tested for the disease a family friend tells her that her mother was not her biological mother.

  1. Huntington’s Disease – The Facts Second Edition (Oliver Quarrell)

This book outlines the facts of the disease and the new edition is specifically designed for families of patients with Huntington’s disease and has been expanded to include a number of important new developments in research and clinical practice that have occurred in the field in recent years.

  1.  You’ll miss me when I’m gone (Rachel Lynn Solomon)

Twins have their life mapped out, but one thing could wreck this, the genetic test for HD. When the results come in, one twin tests negative and the other positive.

  1. Rules for 50/50 chances (KateMc Govern)

When Rose turns 18 she can get tested for HD, the disease which is killing her mother.

  1. Watching their dance ( ThereseCrutcher-Martin)

Three sisters, a genetic disease and marrying into a family at risk for Huntington’s.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and check out some of these books!! I know I plan to! 

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check in each day for a new Blogmas post!

Merry Christmas 


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