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Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy's, grand daddy's, step daddies and daddy figures in your life.

I truly believe family isn't always those you are blood-related to. I have my wonderful daddy who you all know, and my 'step' dad. My mum and her partner aren't married yet but he has been in our life for over ten years.

He is very supportive of everything we have gone through, he has been around from i was in high school and we have an amazing family.

I haven't shared too much about my family other than my mum, brother and dad but there you go, another little snippet into my life.

What is everyone doing for fathers day? I hope as many of you as possible is fit to see your fathers!

Sadly due to Covid-19, we are not able to see dad, not properly. I understand, id rather not see him and keep him safe, to be honest!

I can't wait for the day i can get back into daddy and give him a big hug. I had a lady last year reduce me to tears after a comment was made about my visits to dad.

Storytime- I was at a dinner with very important people and was telling them about my work, my dad and HD in general. I sais that once the conference was over, i was excited to go visit my dad and spend time with him. I didn't have the words out of my mouth and this lady (i use that word lightly) told me that dad should be my number 1 priority, that i should let work and my social life get in the way of visiting him (honestly it was said in such a nasty way, the table went so quiet and the looks on people's face was of total awkwardness!). Sorry lady but i have to work to pay my bills. If anyone has a money tree they can give me i would appreciate it, i could quit my job and just spend all my time visiting daddy.

So i politely excused myself from the table and went outside, balling my eyes out!! A friend came out and calmed me down, i have so hurt a stranger would attack me like this. I try my best!

So, back on track of this blog people, i cant wait to the day i get back into dad, i will never let anything take over my time with him. It's so easy to let life get in the way.

I love daddy more than anyone, and my time with him is so limited. We don't know how or what will take him from us. Worse, we don't know when.

So, my promise to daddy is to spend more time with him, im sure he will love it... For those that know me, know im very annoying :D

So a massive Happy Father's Day to everyone!



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