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Happy Birthday #Imnotdrunk

3 years ago my father was publicly shamed for being drunk in the middle of the day! As many of you will know he was not. He suffers from Huntington’s disease, a genetic disorder that affects his mind and his body.

3 years ago, I also got fed up with people staring at my dad, I was pissed off with the lack of knowledge members of the public had and I was done with the comments I could hear people making behind our backs.

How can people understand something if they do not have the knowledge they need, to understand. You can’t blame people for making a judgement off what they see, although people shouldn’t, you can’t blame them.

So I started writing #imnotdrunk – lifestyle blog, my way to share with the world my HD story. Letting others paddling the same little boat know they are not alone.

I remember when daddy was first diagnosed I felt so incredibly alone!! I felt like there was no one else out there going through what I was, no one able to understand what my family and I were going through, this horrendous disease which entered my life at the age of 14!!

12 years later I think I have more HD friends than non HD friends!! #imnotdrunk has more followers than I could ever imagine, and I am I such a happy place in my life! I couldn’t imagine not having my blog.

I have wonderful friends and family who support me on every adventure I have encountered, they pick me up when I fall and support me through the difficult times and celebrate with me when I have a victory.

#imnotdrunk has opened many doors to me, I recently attended the HDSA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts where I met some of the most inspirational people I will never forget! I met the author of two HD books!!

I spoke at a medical training event here in Northern Ireland, I explained to 80 medical professionals what it was like being a carer for a HD patient and when they can do to support people in that position.

I have merchandise and the #imnotdrunk logo in countries around the world, including Canada, USA, England, Ireland, Australia and the UK.

People ask me all the time, how many people read your blog? How many people follow you on Facebook? How many engagements do you get? Or what is your post reach on Facebook?

My answer to them, I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m not doing this for the fame and glory, I’m not doing it to get my name in the paper or get free stuff from companies. I enjoy sharing my story with people, I enjoy helping others and it makes me feel good that just by responding to a message or sharing how an experience went for me, I might help at least one person.

I appreciate each and every follow I get, when someone comments or reads my blog, I get excited!!

I receive many beautiful, inspirational and heartfelt messages monthly. These messages come from people affected by HD and they either share there story or thank me for what I do.

I want to thank all my followers, readers and everyone who has reached out for me. Sometimes its hard laying your life out for everyone to judge and ridicule. I have amazing support from people around the world!!

I hope #imnotdrunk is around for a very long time!! So please continue to read, follow, like, comment and message me.

I love you all !

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