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Give A Little L O V E

Today mum had a great idea!

We had been talking about everyone doing their bit and either fundraising or donating PPE to those who need it most. Sadly i don't have a massive stock of masks and gloves! Or i would have it over, but one this i do have is some spare cash that can go towards a good deed. When i say i have extra cash i don't have a money tree in my back garden, i had some trips planned that have now been cancelled... My mum worked as a care assistant for many many years, both in the community and in the nursing home my dad now lives in. She understands and has experienced first hand what a 12-hour shift is like! In fairness, i don't think she experienced anything like Covid-19 lockdown but she has done her fair share over the years looking after people. So... Kyra decided we needed to do something for the staff of the nursing home, cleaners, care, assistants, cooks, nurses and office ladies. Of course, i totally agreed, so we snuck (Yes snuck, aka sneaked) into town and got the biggest load of junk food you have ever seen!

The woman on the checkout asked had we gotten a sudden sugar urge! We explained it wasn't for us! Very quickly, we didn't want to look like two little piggies!! So a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on junk food later, we left and went back to the car. We brought a box from home and packed it nice a neat!! Trying to make it look somewhat presentable, in hindsight we should have got some tissue paper and a pretty basket. We just grabbed the biggest cardboard box in the house and the goal was to fill it! We dropped it off and knocked on the door, a nurse came out to lift it and we told her it was for all the staff as a small thank you from the family (mum, Ryan and me) for looking after dad and all their hard work at this time.

So, to all the amazing staff in Greenpark nursing home, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of daddy!! The staff have always been so kind and patient with him and i couldn't ask for a better nursing home! I hope i remember my manners and regularly thank you but just in case i don't, i will from now on! Daddy is so important to us, we spent over 10 years making sure he was looked after and got everything he needed! Handing that over to someone else is scary and daunting. So, this is what i would like to ask of my followers, do one nice thing over the next week. It might be a hamper for a local company or people that are still providing a service, it could be a thank you message to someone or a group of people or even helping out your neighbour. We are all in this together and need to help one another out.

Share on social media or in the comments you one good deed, use the hashtag #Imnotdrunk and let me know what you get up to. Let's see who is the most creative!...

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