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Gift Guide – Sisters

I have a big brother, and he looks after his little sister! Whether it’s emotionally, by picking up the slack over the years when looking after dad gets too much for me, lending me money or someone bothering me on a night out! Ryan is always there, and no matter what the situation is, whether i am right or wrong is fighting in my corner. So today I’m sharing with you a gift guide for those little sisters or big sisters in your life!

1) A gift card – I know this seems simple but i remember a time when i was caring for dad, spending every penny i had on petrol for the car and squeezing a night out and a few drinks out of my very small budget and having no money to go shopping. A gift card for their favourite store means they have to spend it on themselves! I remember getting money for birthday and Christmas and having to use it to pay bills, that’s fine bills need to be paid, but we also need treats.

2) A trip – this could be a weekend away, city break, night in a hotel, anything that takes them away from home. Depending on what your sister is like i recommend going glamping, i loved it the time i went and would love to go again. I stay in hotels all the time for work, so something different can be fun. This way your sister gets a break and gets some time off!

3) New Tyres – I remember one time my tyres were bald, they were worse than bald!! Ryan took my car down to the tyre man and got 4 new tyres fitted. Not only did i not have the money for this, i didn’t have the time to get it done. This definitely was one gift i will never forget Ryan getting me. I seem like a weird gift, but to me, it meant so much, tyres were expensive, and every time i tried to gather the money up, it got spent on something else. Extra fuel because dad needed me, the car broke down or even stuff for school.

4) Jewellery – this can be to any budget, you can get earrings or a necklace at any price, just make sure it’s sterling silver or something that won’t cause irritation. Morse Code bracelets are so popular at the minute and very on-trend. You can get these bracelets personalised to say sister or even their name. Just type into google morse code bracelets and itll show them. I could link some, but people read this from all over the world! So its different currencies and stores!

Well, this is a random little list of suggestions!

【Merry Christmas】

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