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Gift Guide – Huntington’s Disease

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I got such a positive response last year when I posted the HD Gift Guide, I thought I would do another one this year.

So today like I said we are focusing on HD patients, and what might be the perfect gift for them. Just like last year, start thinking practical. What does the person need! I know it’s not exactly fun buying those particle gifts, but sorry guys it’s necessary. Dad’s weight jumped up and down over the years, it seems to have steadied at 9 stone but that meant and means a lot of shopping.

1) Check out their wardrobe, do they need new slippers, t-shirts, if like dad most of the food ends up down the front of their t-shirt maybe some have been put through the wash 1 too many times. Do their jeans/ trousers still fit comfortable, or is there dressing gown getting a little grubby. These are all super easy gifts you can pick up anywhere, depending on your budget and where you normally shop. I get a lot of dads stuff in Dunnes Stores, it’s cheap but good quality and most of the stuff looks pretty decent. Either there or Regatta outdoor clothing, fleeces and jackets are great, espically living in Northern Ireland, its not exactly tropical here!

HD patients are all at different stages, so you know what works for your loved one, you know their abilities and what they can manage.

2) Last year I suggested an eco dot, any device like this could be extremely helpful, as there are no buttons involved. I am aware there is a speaking element, and HD patients lose the ability to communicate clearly, again you know the HD patient and what they can manage. It has been proven that music helps the mind, this can be used as a speaker.

3) This is a super general suggestion and depends on the stage of HD but anything along the lines of books, games, play station games, Xbox games, DVD’s’ or a CD. Restock their toiletries, what about new perfume or aftershave, new bits and pieces they use daily. Ladies, what about a new lipstick or makeup (Eyeshadow, highlighter, etc), new makeup brushes or even a new makeup bag. Splurge for a nice cream, one you might not normally purchase, this could be a suggestion for men or women. These normal gifts we would sometimes forget about. One of my favourite present ideas, for birthdays or Christmas is to pop into a store like CVS or Superdrug and fill the basket with things like cotton pads, makeup remover, face masks, victoria secret mist, nail polish, eye shadow palette, lipstick and to be honest anything else i think this person might like. Again, this suggestion can be adapted for men or women.

4) Weighted Blanket – Originol (website) posted about the top weighted blankets in the UK. You can purchase these online and in a variey of shops. They range from anything around 20 pounds to god knows what. Pretty sure i saw one for over 150 pounds. There’s many reasons to use a weighted blanket, you can find all the benefits out online. They reduce anxiety and make people feel safer.

5) Audible subscription – I suggested this last year and still stand by this suggestion. You can get a 30-day free trial, and if you find it’s not working out then you can cancel it. If you do find its working then its 7.99 pounds per month. You own your audiobooks, even if you cancel the subscription. If you don’t like the book you have chosen, you can swap it, you can swap it for any reason! Audible Original Podcasts are also available, including documentaries, comedies and more. There are loads of deals throughout the month, including up to 80% off selected audiobooks. Something i like about this service is you can listen online or offline, if you don’t have Wifi then you can still listen!! My granny has a Kindle and she absolutely loves it, she comes down to our house and downloads new books anytime she needs to. This way she gets her books updates, but doesn’t have to pay for wifi to use once in a blue moon! Same idea applies.

6) A trip – if your HD loved one is in a nursing home, or if you work alot and maybe you could plan a treat, or day away. This could be something special for everyone involved.

7) A photo album – My cousin made her dad a beautiful photo ablum style scrap book! I wasnt to expensive in the end up, and she left empty pages so it can be added to. It included baby photo,s picutres of old cars, his birth cert (a copy) and then pictures from over the years. Including his kids and wedding photo’s.

I hope this helps you finish your Christmas shopping, if i can think of anything more or anyone has any suggestions please share them.



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