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Gift Guide – Brother’s

Gift Guide Brother’s

It means being a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen. Being a brother means building and breaking bridges, celebrating victories and mourning losses together. Being a brother means so many different things to so many people, but it all comes back to passion and compassion – Google

You only have each other – stick together through life! The wise words of Kyra!!

A person whom you are related to. Sometimes a role model. Sometimes an ass. Sometimes a friend. A person who you are stuck being related to until the day you die through good or bad. My brother is a good guy. – Urban Dictionary.

So many of you who have read my blogs you will know I have a big brother, Ryan. We have been through a lot together, half kilt each other and supported each other when we needed it. Ryan has defiantly been a massive part of my life as I know I can always rely on him, he has my back and will support or protect me when I need it. 

Keeping that in mind, I do think he would have preferred we brother, as I am told for the size of me, I have no muscle. He also complained to mum the other week that I don’t know how to weld… Okay, Ryan…

Well, today I have compiled a list of gift idea’s from those brothers in our life owe a little thanks to. When i say list… Its 5 things. 

  1. What hobbies does your brother have? Ryan spends his summers split between the speed boat and motorbike, so my first thought would be what could I get him to incorporate these. New ski rope? Gloves for the boat or bike, a new neck scarf for the bike or even some clothing supporting a bike brand he likes or rider he likes. Ryan doesn’t read my blogs, so I can tell you I have got him a hat for the TT. (Isle of Man TT is held every summer, on the Isle of Man and its extremely popular.) 

So this is a simple one, what hobby do they have? What can you replace or get them that they have been looking, or simple, is there a jumper, hat or scarf for that sport? If they support a certain football team, get them a new jersey!

2) Wireless Head Phones

I really feel like this is something Ryan would love, I’m not spending the money on him this year as we’re going away. But he would love them.

He’s always working away in the garage, so I feel like it’s a good safety thing, if your brother loves the gym it would be the same idea. How many times have we gotten tangled in the wires of our headphones!!

Everyone loves technology, and wireless headphones are a great idea for anyone on the family. 

3) Play Station or X Box game, guys this is an easy one, look in the cupboard and see what he likes to play. Is he obsessed with call of duty or car racing, once you know this pop down to GAME or a shop you can buy these games and get one? If you can fish around and ask him what he would like, that way you know you defiantly get the right one. A word of advice, keep the receipt in case you get it all wrong! 

4) A battery pack, my brother literally steal everything I have that makes life easier. As we spend a lot of time on the boat, or Ryan spends the entire day on the bike, his phone is always out of battery. I got my battery pack on Amazon, there incredibly easy to find on there and I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. You want one with good battery life, there’s no point getting one that will barely charge your phone once. Mine is a rather big one, but it will charge my phone 4 times! I also recommend getting one that in some way shows you what charge is left, mine shoes we a % and my mum’s lights up 4 lights for fully charged, and as the batter runs out the lights go out. 

5) Last but not least if in doubt, get him a new shirt!! 

You can literally get these anywhere and everywhere! It can be on any budget!! I worked in a male shop, selling jeans, shirts, jackets, you name it we sold it! TRUST ME you can get some lovely bits and bobs for cheap enough!

So, I hope this was helpful! If you have a big brother or little brother please comment on what you are getting them. Obviously, these gift ideas are for my brother, he is 28.

【Merry Christmas】

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