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Feeling Loved

Updated: Feb 26

So here I am sitting on a plane to America, watching a star is born.

(Yes my laptop is on airplane mode!!)

I am so incredibly lucky to have the most supportive family and friends; I have never felt as loved as I have in the past two weeks. It hasn’t been an easy two weeks, but I’ve made it through and I am living a dream of mine which is to attend the HDSA convention. I can’t wait to meet all the amazing people I have connected with over social media and my blog. I have been getting so many messages!

It’s not something I like to share, I know some people do but it think if someone writes me a personal message; it should stay just that… Personal but…. The amount of messages I have received through #imnotdrunk is overwhelming! And sometimes they even bring me to tears, some people are so kind and loving and for that I am thankful. I t helps me to keep going. Huntington’s disease is not only in my personal life, it is my career and also my hobby. Huntington’s disease is my entire life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Huntington’s disease has been a massive part of my life, it all began when I was 14 but it truly began when I was 17 and got involved with my local HD charity, the charity I now work for. Almost ten years after attending my first conference in Northern Ireland, I have been too many HD events, from summer camps, to medical training events and the Northern Ireland conference of course! After next week I can add America to that list!!

It has been an amazing journey, and one I hope to continue.

#imnotdrunk is small but it’s mine, it’s my way of giving hope and bringing a positive message to the Huntington’s disease community, the Huntington’s disease family around the world all supporting one another through difficult times and wonderful times. Raising awareness for this horrendous disease is vital to reducing the stigma created around it. It’s not something I ever noticed, the odd time I had people staring at dad or making comments but I didn’t pass much attention, but I know some people haven’t been as lucky.

I have also been lucky as my family are incredibly open when it comes to talking about Huntington’s disease, they support me blogging about my journey and life and never stop me making my dreams come true.

I hope that one day people will openly talk about HD and that it won’t be hidden. Don’t worry, for those that want to shout it from the roof tops and cant because of family, or they are scared…. Ill shout loud enough for us all!!

So my flight is about to land, but I will bring you with me to the HDSA conference, check out my Instagram and Facebook (probably Instagram) to enjoy this incredibly journey with me.

I have a few days holiday before the convention and a few days after, so don’t mind the odd holiday snap in the middle of it all..

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