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Hey everyone, welcome back to #Imnotdrunk Lifestyle Blog!!

So as many of my OG followers will know this blog is about Huntington's Disease and my journey caring for my dad and living at risk of the disease.

Dads are all settled in a nursing home now close to home and due to Covid-19 we cant go see him, which is fine, he's safe.


It leaves me with very little to write about, because I don’t have much HD going on. So I thought I would are more lifestyle blogs with you, I hope you enjoy them. Don’t worry ill still throw in the HD ones when something comes up, im actually working on one about a new bed system we have gotten for dad.

So today's blog is my dream career/ hobby I guess.

My current job is the Youth Events and Fundraising Officer for my local HD charity, I've been with them for 1 ½ year and I love my job. It can get difficult sometimes with my job, personal life and hobby being all about HD but I have amazing ladies I work with looking out for me.

So, what would be your dream job? Maybe you’ve already reached this goal or your working towards it.

I love my job and this defiantly was the goal when I was doing my degree in university, work of a HD charity and give back.

I have a dream though, and I would love to share it with you.

When I was at university I worked for a lady in Co Cavan in her clothing store, she sold ladies clothes and I loved it. She picked the items herself and had new stock in almost every two weeks. Her store was always so busy and people loved her style! The shop had been up and running for about 15 years and the staff gave amazing customer service, helping customers to find what they were looking, put outfits together and generally help ladies feel good in what they were wearing.


My dream would be to open my very own boutique, online. I don’t think I would want to go as big as a store, but an online boutique would be amazing. Ladies clothes and accessories!

I know some people reading this might be thinking, that’s a sad dream! But to me it would be amazing, id love it.

I follow different accounts on Instagram and I love to see what they do or how they do it. Getting to know people and making the experience personal is something that is a MUST.

Each package would be personalised with a little business card, thank you card and wrapped beautifully. I defiantly don’t want the item stuffed into a bag and thrown into a postal bag. I understand these extras cost money but, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Don’t ask me what I would call it or anything but I know the style I would stock.

Its simple silly dreams like this I feel we all need to have, it keeps us going and gives us a passion. The degree I feel would give me the knowledge I would need to make this happen, and of course, I would do my homework.

I can imagine a little office in my garden with a packing station, storage boxes safely storing the stock and heading out each day to fill orders and send them out.

Well there you go, my little dream I would love to see happen.

Share your dreams, Id love to hears them.



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