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Dream Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to #imnotdrunk, I cant say it’s the first post because I already have one uploaded about University. I follow a blogger from Ireland called Retro Flame and noticed she does a post called ‘Dream Year’. Each year, in Janruary she looks ahead and asks herself what her IDEAL year would look like (with zero limits) and then writes them all down, so I decided I would do the same.

Don’t be worrying this isn’t another one of them ‘goal-setting’ or ‘I will be amazing in 2018, rocking the world’ style posts. These are my dreams and with any luck they will come true, or atleast some of them. I know all to well that life is short and we must follow our dreams. I will focus on the same four topics as Erika in Retro Flame, as this is my first time doing this post, I might as well learn from the best. I am continually learning about blogging and what I should be writing about, I find reading other bloggers and watching vlogs help to give me ideas. Retro Flame is one of my favourite at the minute!

So these areas will be – Career, Travel, Relationships & Wellbeing…

CAREER This year I feel will be an extremely important year for me, I will be graduating university and hopefully starting my career. I have many hopes and dreams for my furutre and my career, one huge one is to complete my business plan and make it work. I have many hopes and dreams but I need to remember to take baby steps, I need to work even harder than I ever have and concentrate on the final goal. I wont let myself get over whelmed again, I will stay grounded and make sure that I make my dreams come true.

Below are 3 things I want to make happen this year…. 1. Graduate with a completed business plan July cant come quick enough, I will be walking along the stage in a robe and silly hate to collect my diploma. Saved on my laptop will be a completed business plan, ready for action! I want to start my own Water-ski and wakeboarding school, offering banana boating, tubing and paddle boarding. I want to teach water-skiing and wakeboarding on Lough Erne, I want to follow my dreams and something I am passionate about.

2. Blog post’s I want to commit to more blog posts, I started #imnotdrunk to show people what it’s like living with HD in their life. If I can cope then you can to, I wanted to give people hope. Hopefully open people’s minds about rare diseases. I have decided that I need to put more time into the blog, I need to be uploading at least two blogs a month, I am going to try my best, and hopefully it will be more than that in the future. I have set out a plan and have my blog post ideas ready to go. (Please suggest any ideas) I would love to have the confidence to make videos but maybe that will come with time.

3. Charity Work So as a lot of you will already know I do a lot of work with the Huntington’s disease charity here in Northern Ireland, or at least I used to. I want to get back to this, although I am no longer a board member I am still a youth committee member. I have tried with the help of other members twice this year to plan events for the youth but have sadly failed. I want to dedicate more time to this, and hopefully with some changes being made it’ll be easier with some guidance. I need to improve my time management, juggling university work, blog work and charity work can be extremely difficult because I want a day off and to be lazy!! Let’s be honest!!

TRAVEL I absolutely love to travel, and would travel every month if I could. Let’s believe I win the lottery tomorrow and this will actually come true! But here we go, here are my travel dreams for 2018, maybe I’ll get to tick one or two off…. 1. Ski holiday 2. Australia (Stepehens sister lives there) 3. Vietnam 4. Mexico (I have a lot of friends there) 5. Brazil 6. Scotland 7. Uganda 8. Thailand 9. Cork 10. Dingle

I know some of these are as random but I want to visit the world and I want to visit more places in Ireland! Maybe the Irish places are slightly more reachable! RELATIONSHIPS So as some of you may know I have a boyfriend called Stpehen and he is truly the best. We live together in Co, Cavan, Ireland in a beautiful Irish cottage. I love our home and hopefully this year we will be able to make some improvements. If it wasn’t for Stephen over the past year I truly don’t think I would have gotten through it, he pulled me back from a dark place, he looked after me when I was on crutches and he supported me on my travels to America for 3 months. So this year I want to: 1. Be more present when I’m with family & friends – a.k.a. PUT AWAY THE PHONE. 2. Make more of an effort to spend time with family and friends, no more sitting in the house. It’s time to get out and live! I’m 24 and its time to have some fun and not be so serious all the time! 3. Continue to be thoughtful – you never know who needs a little kindness.

WELLBEING Lastly something I seriously need to work on! This year there are a few new things I’m going to try: 1. The Gym: I joined the gym when I was working full time on my placement year and could afford it. I think I went 5 times in the year! That was a good 40 Euro a month well spent. This year I want to join the gym when I get back to university and go at least twice a week. I always find when I take a notion to do exercise that it also makes me feel so much better. Plus I always sleep better! 2. Meditation: I want to either find a good book (please leave me recommendations) or watch a YouTube video. This is something I done during a summer camp I attended a few years back and I really enjoyed it. I want to get back into it, I’d also like to try yoga. I know there are yoga classes in Belturbet and I’m going to look into them as I will be home more this semester. 2. Read more: Weather its books or blog posts I want to read more, I always read when I was younger but now I don’t seem to have the time. I want to make more time to read, if its blog posts then it’ll help me to improve #imnotdrunk. I love Celcelia Ahern books and also books about Irish history in the Catholic Church.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, and I hope there will be many more like it. I want to work harder on my blog and make something of it; hopefully you will enjoy what I have in mind. I want to wish all my family and friends a very Happy New Year!


Thank you so much Erika for inspiring me to do this blog post I have truly enjoyed it and hope my readers have to. I recommend everyone go check out Retroflame!! Erika and her sister are awesome!

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