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Dating again – With HD

I would love to know how you are supposed to meet someone special, I don’t have time to go out, well I do go out but not to meet a guy!! My friend and i go out dancing and to be honest i am so dense when it comes to meeting guys, i wouldn’t even know if a guy was hitting on me!! So I thought I would try something that seems to be the latest craze!!

Okay, so let’s all just admit that we have tried some form of a dating website or an app on your phone, it seems to be the way to meet that special someone!! As I have been in a relationship for the past four years, and didn’t feel the need for it before that I have NEVER used anything of the sort.

So I thought this would be fun, I downloaded the app called Tinder, after hearing friends laughing and having some fun with it.

You create a profile, adding some of your favorite pictures (ill pop mine in below for you to see) and add a short bio about yourself.

Some cute photo’s…Right???

“Dream job which means a lot of travel >Wake-boarding >Lough Erne >#imnotdrunk – living with HD n my life Yes I am that girl that takes a million pictures for Instagram!! (Don’t Judge) Being on the back of a motorbike is my new favorite thing I write a blog so If you don’t want to be on social media, then im defiantly not the person for you Eating pizza must be the second thing you love to do in bed.” My Cheesy BIO!!

So there you have it, my very cheesy bio!! But it seems to have worked; I have matched with like 9 people!!

(For those of you who don’t know how Tinder works because I certainly didn’t and was swiping all directions!! If you like to look of someone and there bio you swipe right, if you’re not interested then you swipe left!! Then there is this super like swipe and let’s just say I haven’t super liked anyone!)

Honestly the screen I see most of the time is “There is no one close by” which is depressing!! When you see that it means you have been swiping to much to the left and you’re a fuss pot!!

AKA Your a fuss pot!!

Got it? Do we all understand the workings of Tinder (because to be honest I’m still not 100%)

Okay, so the point of this was not to explain the workings of Tinder!! It was to tell you about the first few guys I was chatting, and telling them about Huntington’s Disease.

Well actually not the first because he turned out to be someone 4 miles from my home house, knew my dad, brother and most of my friends…. CRINGE… I think I’m supposed to know him but let’s be fair I moved out of home almost 10 years ago!! Give me a break, I just thought he was cute, surprised I don’t remember him.


So this guy, let’s call him X starts messaging me, and with 7 messages sent between us his 8th message is ‘What is HD?’ So of course this was my perfect chance. I explained that it was a brain disease that my dad has and that I work for the charity and write my blog. He asked me several questions about it, and said he would rather ask me than goggle it. I liked this, I liked that he asked me my experience and asked me for an explanation instead of heading off to Google.

A few other guys who messaged me asking me about HD straight away, or soon enough. It wasn’t scary, i didn’t feel nervous to tell them, they asked, they showed an interest!!

As I said this is actually my first time using something like this, and it has been an absolute riot!! I’m not under the illusion ill meet my happily ever after husband but it has been a good laugh and hey some of the guys on there are extremely cute!!

Anyway it has been a riot; I think Tinder might need to re work their location algorithm, as it paired me with a guy in Austealia!! That was a bummer as he was pretty cute and raced bikes!! ….. But it has been fun!!

I plan on staying single for a long long long time, although I’m not hysterically crying over Stephen it was a massive part of my life, and at this moment and time I do feel like i need to be alone for a while (no big serious relationships!!). It hasn’t been that long since we broke up and I plan on giving myself time to heal!! But I thought I would give myself a giggle in the mean time. How would I even begin to start another relationship up when I’m barely in the country!!

Stay tuned for more dating action…. It’ll be an adventure.

P.S I won’t be meeting any of these guys alone if i do decide to ever meet one, my friend and I have devised a plan, she is going to come along and sit in the back ground to make sure I don’t get kidnapped or something rather dramatic!!

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