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Dad fell!

Why is it when i sit down to write something my mind goes blank!

Hey everyone, welcome back and thank for tuning in again.

Sadly during a difficult time, we were delighted to receive news about a series of events which should never have happened!

On Saturday of this particular week we sadly buried my mother brother, my Uncle Raymond and on the Sunday dad fell. No one in the family was called and informed about this, which to be is disgusting.

On Monday (This would now be about 2 weeks ago) morning at 11am my mum went into dads to get the wheel chair we had borrowed in order to take dad to the funeral, she noticed a bandage on his forehead. She then asked him what happened and how did he hurt himself. Dad fell on Sunday evening cutting his head and the doctor was out. This was all dad was able to tell mum, so once I found out I called the social workers at 11.30am. My call was not returned and I call maybe twice more until I got her on the phone around 3pm.  She had only heard about the fall that morning, and yet didn’t call my brother or I either!! I said I was disgusted and wanted to know why we had not been told! It simply states that Ryan and I are dad’s next of kin and are to be called in an emergency. Clearly not!

The social workers didn’t even try to make excuses, she agreed that we had every right to be angry and assured me that she would get to the bottom of it. Some days later she emailed me to tell me that he had fallen around 7pm on Sunday night, he was in bed and the care worker was in the kitchen and then next thing he was behind her and fell. The ambulance was called and dad was patched up. No calls seemed to be made to the managers of the care assistants etc.

It wasn’t a bad fall and wasn’t to worst cut, but the point was that Ryan and I weren’t told, and if mum had not have seen the bandage when would we have been told.

I don’t find this acceptable, the point of the stress and meetings during the summer was that we could take a step back and recharge, that the social workers and care assistants could manage, we trust these people with dad and clearly they don’t see us as important in the fact that we be called when he has a fall!

I called the social worker and voiced my concerns, in other words I gave off stink and told them my brother and I was extremely annoyed and upset. (Ryan was going to sit outside the office waiting on someone to give him an answer they run us about that much and avoided us!)


I guess these things are going to happen, dad lives alone and there is a risk of him falling, I understand that but I expect when it happens and a care worker is there that they will at least call me!

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