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Cook With Me – Spagetti Balaniose

Tonight’s Blogmas post is a video!! Yes, I finally found the courage!! I remember having to cook for my daddy for the first time and not knowing a lot about cooking!! The poor man ate bean toasties for a while!! I learnt quickly and burnt a lot of food!

So I thought I would do a series of videos of me cooking some meals I found dad loved!

Tonight is spaghetti bolognese, this is something I made for dad before the dietician stepped in, he was able to eat this until a few months back.

Everyone with HD is so different, I am not a chef or dietician, I am just trying to give people some advice I didn’t have.

This video is just some tips that I picked up along the way. Click the link to watch,

For this, I used the following ingredients,

  1. Frozen chopped peppers

  2. Mincemeat

  3. Pasta

  4. Black pepper

  5. Beef stock

  6. Dolmio sauce

Merry Christmas


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