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Bye Bye Belturbet

Updated: Feb 26

So I put a post up last week saying I would ve MIA for a while, so I guess maybe I should explain…

Stephen and I were together for four years and shared a house together. Yes, were… We have decided to go our separate ways and to keep some part of my life private I won’t go into much detail. There was no blazing row and I hope we can remain friends. We both enjoy several events etc together so we’re going to bump into each other. 

It hasn’t been easy this past week boxing up my belongings and moving back to my mums but with the support from amazing friends and family im back home.

This Friday I leave for America to attend the HDSA convention which I am so so so excited about!! I can’t wait to meet everyone I have connected with through my blog and social media. I land back in Ireland and 2 days later I fly out to Scotland for a work trip. Yes, my life is extremely busy!!!

So im single again and have the pleasure of rejoining the dating scene, I thought Stephen and I would be together forever but what can you do! 

Something I have seen a lot is “when should you tell someone your dating about HD”. I was incredibly lucky as Stephen was so open about it and it never even made him think twice about being with me, I wonder will I encounter that response again.  I was incredibly lucky with Stephen he was amazing with daddy and the entire HD world i live in, and i know Stephen being the kind and amazing man he is, he will always care for daddy!!

I have been dumped before because of HD, many years ago, it wasn’t exactly a serious relationship so I wasn’t to heartbroken.. But it did happen, twice actually when i think about it!! Once because it turned out the guy also had HD in his family and it was to much to handle and the other because I looking after daddy and it was taking up to much of my time. Great guy right!! Good job he disappeared!!

Well here we go again back to dating and getting butterfly’s when my phone beeps. It’ll be a while until I feel like putting myself back out there but when I do I plan to be open and honest about HD in my life. 

I can’t exactly hide it, my job is working for a Huntington’s disease charity in Northern Ireland and my blog is all about Huntington’s disease. So if he is a great guy!! He will hopefully stick around and it won’t put him off. 

Just because we have HD in our life, whether a carer, at risk or gene positive it does not mean we can’t find love!! It does not mean we are destined to live alone and no one will love us and want to be with us. 

This is what I believe anyway!! I’ll let you all know how I get on, and maybe even how and when I tell potential boyfriends about HD and daddy!! If they can’t love HD and my dad then they can’t love me!!

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