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Books i plan on reading in 2018…

Hi guys, welcome back to #imnotdrunk or if this is your first time reading a blog of mine then Welcome!! I hope you enjoy!! Tonights blog is about the books i plan on reading in 2018, I absolutely adore reading! Sadly due to University work and real world work I haven’t had much of a chance, but in 2018 I have books I plan on reading. I haven’t chosen many because I will probably pick some up along the way! If I do, I will let you know on my Instagram, so have sure you follow me!…

(I feel like i have forgotten some, but i will post them on my Instagram if i have, i think it may be a HD book i started last year and didnt get round to finishing!!)

Here are my 2018 books

1) Girl Online – Zoe Sugg £5.59

Girls online

2) Girls Online – Going Solo – Zoe Sugg £6.99

girl online going solo

3) Girls Online – On Tour – Zoe Sugg £5.59


Zoella was one of the first bloggers/vloggers I started following, so I decided last year I wanted to read her books. Obviously that didn’t happen otherwise they wouldn’t be on this blog post! So as Zoella is one of my favourite, I want to read her books as I have heard so much about them.

4) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** £11.89

the subtle art of not giving a fuck

5) Cecelia Ahern – (Which book i have no idea yet!!)


I want to read another Cecelia Ahern book, but I think I’m going to do a blog post, “My favourite Irish Author”, and I’ll talk about which books I’ve read etc., because honestly I’ve read so many I can’t remember without looking at them which I still need to read.

So I think 5 books are a good start, I have already started the first Girl online book and im really enjoying it. These books aren’t exactly going to change the world, but ive heard a lot of people talking about them and i have seen a lot of good reviews online, so I hope there as good as I have been told! If you have read any of them please comment and let me know, or if you have any book suggestions please let me know. I really want to read more self help or mindfulness books!! id appreciate suggestions as i haven’t been able to find the perfect one!

Thanks you for reading,

Ash X

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(All links for the books were taken from WHSmith website, Cecelia Ahern is her personal website and all images were taken from Google Images)

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