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Blogmas Day 3 – Gift Guide – Dad’s

Gift Guide – Dads

Christmas shopping is everyone’s worst nightmare unless you have the day off work, saved up all the dollar bills and can take yourself away with friends and make it an enjoyable experience. I love when people complain about the Christmas shopping and how they must start, darling I have mine done and wrapped. Fair enough I didn’t have a huge pile to do this year but it’s done! I just want to break something to you; Christmas is the same time every year, I’ve seen be starting my Christmas shopping in the summer. I refuse to bankrupt myself because of Christmas, I know there is going to be nights out and drinks with friends, I don’t want to miss out on that because I have presents to buy. I like to set myself a rule, Christmas shopping is done by November, this way my November paycheque is for enjoying Christmas. Try it next year, you’ll be surprised how much easier it makes things. I understand people will small kids have to wait for the Santa letter is wrote, but you could have everyone else done. So to help with the madness and stress, here is my gift guide for Dad 😀

Daddy and me

1) For that adrenaline seeking dad’s out there why not get them a voucher or pay for them to do something they normally wouldn’t. There are many places you can drive a rally car around a track, off-road driving (normally in a land rover), take a seaplane ride in an aeroplane (they even let you take the controls), clay pigeon shooting or try indoor skydiving. I know dad would have loved the rally car idea, mind you id love it! Do a Google search for activities like this in your local area!

2) Personalised hip flask, he will have it with him every time he pops on his suit.

3) Alcohol, I’m not promoting drinking, but a classic bottle of whiskey, something you open on special occasions! Not just your regular neck it down ya on a Saturday night!

4) A new Wallet, men always seem to need a new wallet!! Don’t forget to put a coin in it, it brings the person good luck!

5) A new watch, it’s the most classic timeless present you can give. Some believe that if you give a watch to someone it means time is running out. Well, that’s a load of shite and don’t be stupid!

Remember we don’t have to empty our bank accounts picking presents, it’s the thought that counts. Dad got anything from a box of beer to a new hotpress full of towels. It all depended on what he needed. He always got clothes as he was so hard on them! I didn’t have many years of getting dad “Normal” presents, and even fewer memories of when I did.

Daddy – The one and only

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