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Blogmas Day 16 -Motivation Monday

This motivation Monday post is about the motivation to not only live in the here and know but to document the here and now.

I’ve cared for dad for the past 13 years, but I struggle to remember the good times, even the bad sometimes i forget! The point of #imnotdrunk is sharing my HD experience and trying to stay positive no matter what. BUT OMG it’s so hard thinking back and trying to remember things. I either have the worst memory or i was so busy dealing with what was going on, i forget the actual memory. This makes me sad, 13 years is a long time, and that’s only when dad got sick, my memories as a child are fading also. With memories fading and no new ones being made, i soon won’t have any. Or that’s at least how I feel, I’m not saying people replace their childhood memories with new ones while they’re growing up but you add to your memories. I feel like I was so busy dealing with doctors, social workers, Dieticians, school, work, cleaning and all the other million and one jobs that came with looking after dad. I missed out on what was happening I set myself the challenge of doing Blogmas again, I decided not to post on a Saturday or Sunday because with my workload and travel commitments I decided not to burn myself out. I wanted these blog posts to be fun, uplifting and sharing my experiences. That would be great, but I cant friggin remember anything and anything I can remember I’ve shared with you’s.

So this motivation Monday, I want to motivate you to document your life and experiences, even if your caring for a loved one, document that. I would give anything to go back to when dad lived at home and I could still hold a conversation with him. Id love to be fit to remember the conversations!

There are loads of different ways you can do this, keep a journal, blog about it and either launch them into the world or just keep them private, make a scrapbook or just keep photo albums.

I wish I had done more of this, I wish I wrote a journal or had the balls to start #imnotdrunk sooner! There are times ill be talking to friends or family and memory will come back to me, but sitting trying to think about memories and different experiences i draw a blank!

So.. with a rather short post because I am currently sitting in Scotland, in a hotel! I encourage you to keep your memories, video, take pictures, write it down do whatever works for you. I promise you won’t regret it, and you’ll be glad in a few years when things have changed that you kept your memories safe.

Sometimes life takes over and we’re so busy running around like headless chickens that we forget to take it all in!

【Merry Christmas】

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