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Blogmas Day 1 – Support

Its that time of the year again!! BLOGMAS!!

So, I will be bringing you a new blog post every day for the month of December! Exciting! I am super organised this year and have a we schedule done out and everything!! Hopefully I stick to it this year. I had one last year and managed to stop posting around December 20th!

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Let’s kick it off with a very important topic,


Support is so important when you are going through a difficult time, support is what can get us through the difficult times. Support means to bear all or some of the weight. When you feel like you have the weight the world on your shoulders sometimes you wish someone would come take some off you.

Support can be found through friends, family and even strangers, attending support groups weather there for HD specific of just general support groups.

I’ve been involved with the HD charity here in Northern Ireland for many years, and I’ve gone to a few of the support groups they offer, they were lovely, and I met some wonderful people I’m still in touch with, even before i became an employee of the charity, i stayed in touch. I didn’t attend them regularly because they were quite a distance from me and when I was in school etc it was difficult to find the time and petrol money. I was 17 and didn’t see the point in sitting around talking about my feelings, Ooo how i was wrong.

When I needed support, I had a support worker i could reach out to, over the years they changed now and again but the support worker I have now I’ve had for a few years and she has helped me through some of the hardest times. I can remember when i first met her, she is such a kind and gentle human being, always seeing the positive in a person or situation. Along came moody Ashley “Thanks, but i don’t need your help, I’m sick of people coming and going, and telling them my story and getting used to them, and then they leave!” – Well…. wasn’t i a cheeky little bitch, the poor woman was only trying to help.

She wore me down and now i couldn’t imagine a week not talking to her, i mean she is my manager now, but she’s my friend. She was one of the first people i called when dad was taken into hospital. This woman has a family of her own and at 8 a.m., with kids to get to school I’m sure, she asked ‘Will i come to the hospital?’

Ryan and i have been through some of the most difficult times over the past few years, from dad going into the nursing home and the waste of space social worker, it was due to the support from this lady that I got through it.

For this i am thankful and grateful.

Support can come from those you least expect it from. Have you ever heard the saying after something tragic or bad happens, ‘You see who your real friends are’ – well i don’t really like that saying, some friends might be dealing with their big pile of shit!!

This Christmas remember to support those around you, it could be something extremely simple, giving up your seat on the bus, carrying a bag of shopping for an elderly person. Popping into your neighbour for a cuppa because you know their family aren’t local. Even just asking someone are they okay, when you can see that they’re not! Don’t ignore those around you because you haven’t got time. Christmas is one of the most difficult times of the year, I promise you, the turkey will get stuffed, the presents will get wrapped and everything will get done.

Lets be supportive to each other,

【Merry Christmas】

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