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Bedtime play list…

Updated: Feb 26

Hey everyone!! Welcome back, this blog post is about a playlist which i have on my phone to help me get to sleep at night!

I hope you enjoy reading it, and try making yourself a Spotify playlist!! Or hundreds like me!!

I struggle getting to sleep at night; I find it extremely difficult to switch off! I turn into a genius when it’s time to get some shut eye! As part of my New Year Resolution or New Year – New Me, whichever way you want to look at it, I am trying to be in bed by 10.30pm on a week night. Yes I am an old lady!! I have been doing really good with my new bed time, and have noticed a huge difference, I feel more energetic, alert, and I also feel happier. I used to be extremely tired after working all day and not be able to do anything in the evenings, now I feel like I can, weather its laundry, housework or visiting family and friends. I’m not as tired!! In order to try to switch off, or help me get to sleep I have a bed time play list on Spotify, these are the songs I listen to: 1) Johny Cash – Hurt 2) Lukas Graham – 7 years 3) Ed Sheeran – I see fire 4) Ed Sheeran – Supermarket flowers 5) Kesha – Praying 6) Kim Carnes – Betty Davis Eyes 7) Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time 8) Alessia Car – How far will I go 9) Tracey Chapman – Fast Car 10) Pink – What about us 11) Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you 12) Elton John – Your song 13) Passanger – Let her go 14) The police – Every Breath you take 15) Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) Do it for you 16) John Legand – All of me 17) Stormzy – Big for your boots 18) ZacBrown – Chicken fried 19) Zac Brown- Mary 20) Lisa McHugh – -Country Girl 21) Lisa McHugh – Daddy’s little girls 22) Paulo Natini – 10/10 23) Pitbull – time of our lives 24) Blackstreet, Dr, Dre – No diggity 25) The Balck Eyed Peas – where is the love 26) Hanson – MMMBop 27) Picture – Take my Hand 28) Picture – Dream 29) Picture – Addicted to you 30) Picture – Everything I need 31) The Corrs – Toss the Feathers 32) The Dubliners – The old Triangle 33) Flogging Molly – If I ever leave this world alive 34) Dropkick Murphy’s – I’m shipping up to Boston 35) The Pogues – Love you till the end

I’m not saying this will help everyone sleep, but I find this works for me, try making your own playlist. I love Spotify, it’s under ten pounds a month and I use it every day. I think it’s extremely easy to use and I always find the song I want!!

Thanks for reading, remember check out my Facebook and Instagram.

kyra_ashley93 @imnotdrunkblog

Ash x

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